Friday, 29 August 2008

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 04 - Fright at Tristor part 1 of 3

Session was held as expected, on August 16th. Unfortunately, due to family obligations, Terentz was unable to show up. Weather was very climatic but would better fit to Ravenloft session, as we experienced violent storm, thunder and lightnings with torrents of heavy rain.

Adventure began from short synopsis of happened before. After resume, PC decided to split party. Xandos and Andala gathered winter wolf's puppies and set off to Appleshade. Idea was to present them to Xandos' father who will decide, if their peaceful upbringing is possible. In the meantime, Connal and Ren decide to travel to Tristor, a town in trouble, that was mentioned by Steeplefall's mayor.

Before leaving, the brave two opted for one day of rest to gather strength and rearranging supplies. The tried to find some informations about religion and historical topics (including strange sect of elves, that lived here). Quest for knowledge turned out to be fruitless and next day heroes set of to face real dangers and troubles.

The found them two days later at corner of the forest road, where a couple of village commoners were attacked by an monostrosity. Beast turned out to be starving owlbear. After short and vicious fight, attacker was slain. Grateful peasants thanked heroes and invited them to their house. During conversation, Connal and Ren learned that girl and her grandfather were intending to leave farm,a s cattle was slaughtered by mysterious monster. No one hear it coming and only marks of bite were left behind as a trail. Fearing evil sorcery, the decided to find shelter in nearby town Tristor.

After meal and quick investigation, heroes prepared to guard and rest on ground level, while house inhabitants on the first floor. In the dead of the night a cat appeared, whose hiss warned Connal of incoming troubles. With savage roar and brutal force, a group of grin-skinned, horned and armed with assaulters broke into the house. A bloody and vicious fight erupted. Fighting two against the four, defending back to back, Connal and Ren was able to slain night-intruders, who turned out to be orcs.

Next day, all four travelled to Tristor. Passage was relatively peaceful and uneventful. Only passing by an old gallow tree was very unpleasant sensation. Voyage ended in house of grandfather's relative house (a family renowned for making cheese) with dinner and bath.

Fights gave result of level advancing and loot. As usual there were to many off-topics but always pleasant and entertaining. Sitting players at table (instead of letting them disperse around a room) was a good move, they were more focus and cooperative with each other.

Due to my family plans and vacations, next term was not specified. I will set it upon return from holiday.