Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Chapter Four: Shadowdale - Session 30 - Against the drow

Last session was held on Saturday, April 3rd and we met at Adrian's place. Unfortunately there were only three of us, as Terentz was unable to show due to his commitment's to Star Wars campaign he's involved in too.

Session began with shopping: selling loot, buying new equipment and wandering around the city of Urmlaspyr. First of all heroes set out to find a forge, where the could make an armour of dragonhide. Of three ones available, the magical one was chosen. Although run by wizard not blacksmith, and propelled with fire elemental instead of traditional oven, it was chosen and for a price of 1000gp after four weeks armour was finished. With help of Avelon heroes sold loot and bought some magical items, re-equipped themselves, made visits to their gods' shrines, ate a delicious meal at best tavern and had fun. Also, Ren was stunned with possibility of making shopping at Aurora's store, which he used with delight.

After week and half, "Sky Mill" raised anchor and set sail to open sea. After vanishing from watchers' eyes, ship climbed into air and flew over lands of Sembia and Cormyr into Dalelands. Crossing over deep woods and glimmering rivers, fields full of crops and orchards, flying ship arrived at Shadowdale and mad landing on Mirrorman's lake near watermill. After short introduction to two guardsmen, heroes moved to village. They were shocked with sight of Lathander's Temple in form of huge, glass pink swan, disappointed with Elminster's tower (squat, curved two-storeys tower surrounded by bushy garden). After leaving a letter to wizard in his postbox and short chat with Lhaeo, his servant and secretary, heroes moved to village, where a weekly market and festival was held. An evening of games, drinking and dancing was much priced reward after a long and perilous adventures.

Next day heroes moved to meet Bard of Shadowdale, a famous Storm Silverhand. Her farm was a short walk from centre of village. Lovely house surrounded by trees, flowers and ringing with birdsong, children laugh welcomed them with hawk face of man, sitting on a bench. He greeted heroes and told he will look after wife, "unless she's in Aglarond now". while waiting heroes noted unusual mask on shelf above fire place. Storm returned from garden and welcomed guest, weaving them to kitchen. While preparing chicken soup they chatted about prophecy and Storm advised to seek some answers in Candlekeep. Menwhile she mentioned that if heroes help Lhaeo with some tasks, he will arrange meeting with Elminster.

It turned to be true. In exchanging of garden arrangement, cleaning base of tower and household, appointment was set. Ren spent night in tree form and had a short but pleasant chat with elderly wizard. Next day all PC's met with Elminster, who advised them to seek opinion of greatest of all wizards, long dead by his own actions Karsus. To seek his aid the were to find a portal, leading back in time. Fortunately one was nearby, although it lead to moment 600 years before Karsus' birth. As heroes opted to search for it, Elminster asked them to deliver a book to his friend, a deep gnome hermit.

Heroes poked around Shadowdale for two weeks, awaiting aurora's delivery, but after receiving items (among the others armour of black dragon hide and Bag of Holding) the set out to descend to Underdark. So the wend below and found gnomish hermit tortured by band of drow. fight erupted and despite advantage in numbers, drow were defeated but Kyrils was slain in course of combat, while Avelon unleashed negative energy on her foes, doubling suspicions where her faith actually falls.

Behind the Screen
- Mask and Storm's husband are legacies of campaign ran by me ten years ago. Mask belonged to Adrian's long time running character Gilliand, who was destroyed by Bane during Second Battle of Shadowdale and merged with a waive. Storm's man, Krzywonos, is former character of cool friend of mine, Darek.
- Jarod finally placed his faith in Tymora.
- Fight with band of drow was designed to check, how Pathfinder rules go along with quite large combat with many participants. Result are quite disappointing, as there is many rules to remember, contradicting effects that slow game down.