Monday, 27 April 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session 13 - Trapped Under Ice part 1 of 1

To my surprise, all players were present and whole party participated in game. There were some off-topic talks but they were few and have not interrupted play. Adventure was quite good mixture of role-playing, combat and thinking.

When heroes descendent from tree, they were met by young man. He greeted them with visible joy and enthusiasm. Soon, villagers began to gather, shouting, laughing and hugging PC's like they manage to do some great deed. Connal tried to calm down people, but he failed and only arrival of dark haired, slim and tall woman let them speak. she invited heroes to her house, announcing, that this evening will be a celebration held at "Evening Shade Inn".

After brief introduction they began to share informations. She introduced herself as Arian Hoth, a druid and keeper of Old Oak, who was provider and shelter for whole community. As it turned out, villagers were sure, that party travelled through Kuldahar Pass. Much to her dismay, PC's told, the travelled here via magical portal. What was much worrying, the learned that all passes were cut by snow, so they were prisoned in Kuldahar. Arian proposed them logging and heroes chosen old odd ship, looming over village. Astrid and Patrick settled in an abandoned house and decide, they would stay in Kuldahar to raise their child.

Next to days passed quickly with heroes finding their way around the village, the met also with Orrick the Grey (strange coincidence in names, isn't it?) who was deeply fascinated in meeting Carlin, whom he paid respect for intrigue and fight against dreaded monk Saravinola in Messemprar. Heroes repaired an old ship, found some old captain's manuals concerning sailing upon the skies. Patrick finally began studying scroll taken from Monastery of Healing dove and Ren asked for help with his fey nature and consulted with Arian. During that time, heroes were approached by one of twin priests of Ilmater and asked for assistance. Heroes agreed and were led to temple. It was obvious, that something strange and evil happened here. Whole inside were covered with ice that not melt, despite fires magical and normal alike, that were burning. Priests said that source of this emanation were in cellars beneath temple.

Heroes descended there and found a small dungeon. In one of rooms they were attacked by pack of wild yetis and found holes in the floor. Through them they saw a sleeping white dragon. Taken by fear and suspicions, heroes retreated and consulted with priests and druidess. she said that caves beneath Kuldahar were an old place of worship and burial grounds of druids. Suspecting foul play and illusion, party descended and found that in fact, there were no dragon there. In wall of cavern there were a portal, leading to druid's final place. Crossing it, the arrived at forest made of bas-relief trees and stones. Under some of them sat druids turned to stone. This room was also covered with ice. Not before long, party was attacked by pack of abominable snow-men, fortunately weak and not fully turned to monsters and controlling the priestess of Auril. Fight that erupted was tough, bloody and harsh, but heroes finally defeated monsters and left the cave.

Behind the Curtain
Carlin the Grey reached 5-th level.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session 12 - Run to the forrest

Last session was held on March 28th. Surprisingly, all players were present and they kept out of unnecessary off-topics. Moreover, players surprised me more than once, so game was a challenge to me. We began with little storytelling, to inform Terentz, what has happened during his long absence and began playing.

Night was harsh for PC's. Even taking under consideration that the were in alien place, far off home, attacked by mysterious creature and barely escaped poisonous green mist, the had slept bad. There was some strange, quiet, yet evil and sinister feeling in the air. Clearly ruins of the old and burned village had bad influence on their dreams and mood. In the morning, heroes observed pillars of smoke rising in to the air.

While Carlin was studying his spellbook and Connal praying to Moradin, Xandos prepared breakfast and Ren decided to scout ahead. After half hour of running, he arrived at top of the cliff, hanging over a fiord. Below he saw a drakkar in the middle of bay. Deeper inside fiord there was a village, apparently raided and burned by the ship's crew. What was most interesting, it was that pirates herded people in corral. Ren headed back and with rest of the group returned to scouting position. After short discussion and options consideration (which included taking the drakkar, burning it or night assault on village), party shifted it's position to path, leading down to the village. After some period of time, something strange happened.

A ball of fire exploded and to people ran up the cliff. Soon a band of Nordmen began chasing them. Heroes moved to the edge of it and Ren ran downside to cover running couple. After short missile fight, which saw Xandos in action, young men and pregnant woman was rescued. Connal invoked Moradin's favour and softened earth in to stream of mud.

Whole company began to running. In the meantime it turned out that young man is Patrick and girl is his new wife. Soon, upon entering open space, party was attacked by Nordmen hunting party. Vicious and fierce fight erupted but in the end hunters were killed. Apparently Odin's favour was not with his priest.

Of the pursuers, only one Nordman was alive. He was given a choice and opted for going with party. His name was Erik and said that his people were gathering sacrifices for gods. They were waging a war against elves in the south. After long walk heroes arrived at forest, where they made a camp. There they tried, if young one was true to his words and it turned out that he was. In the morning party began searching a Storm Oak and it was found near crystal lake.

Before anybody could react, a beautiful woman appeared, certainly nymph. At first she was reluctant to help, but Ren caught her attention. Speaking in sylvan tongue she asked him why he is travelling alongside mere humans and why is he surrendering his fey nature. She said, she would grant him and his companions not one but two gates if only he promises to free his wilder side of spirit. Ren took some time to consideration and finally agreed. Their pact was sealed with the kiss.

Next, the nymph said there are two portals: one in lake one and tree. She does not knew, where they lead. Party agreed to enter the one in tree and soon found themselves in place of green light, birdsongs, full of leaves and branches. Ren scouted ahead and met some wild and fey creatures. whole party descended slowly and finally found themselves in the village lying in the shadow of gigantic tree.