Saturday, 28 November 2009

Session cancelled, new term will be announced

Due to Teretnz and Jarecki's inability to show up, session was cancelled. New term will be announced, as some people prefer next Saturday, which can be problematic for other players.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Great Waterfall of Goro Goro

Source, Image by Detox14

Today I was surfing web and found pic, that bears striking similarity to my vision of how cliffs of Great Waterfall of Goro Goro looks. I'd add more jungle on top of the cliff and golden domes of city. In the meantime, I am busy with preparations to grand finale of gnoll's invasion and big reveal!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 24 - Land, the time forgot part 2 of 3

Last session was held on Friday, November 6th. We met late evening in Adrian's flat and after little too long off-topic talks began playing.

First of all guys told Terentz of their late accomplishments, new party members and current situation. Heroes exchanged gear (Xandos received Mask of Skull, and gave Jarod his Braces of Archery) and began to prepare plans. While Ren was investigating moonstone tower, Avelon and Connal prepared "stone garden", field of stoneshaped spikes, protecting one of town sides, instructed to dig pitfalls and surveyed fields. Jarod helped to gather scorpions, snakes and other poisoning materials, as well as rocks that could be hurled upon enemies. Xandos gathered agogwe warriors and tried to understand their tactics.

Night has fallen and army of gnolls swept down from hills. Carrying torches, singing warsongs and beating drums, they encircled city and made camp. Jarod decided to sneak out and make reconnaissance. First he crept up to gnolls preparing ladders and crude siege machines, than he followed messenger to concentration point and with help of "mage hand" he stole piece of parchment with some writing on it. Quickly returning to city, Jarod presented his spoils and PC learned that one of gnolls was: "right, due to localisation of target in the hills". Heroes quickly decided to check this out.

Flying raft was prepared and the flew into the night. Soon from darkness points of light emerged and PC's decided to investigate smaller cluster. Soon it turned out that it is camp beside ruined temple. From inside of it, hidden in side of hill, emerged light and entrance was guarded by several gnolls. Heroes mad landing and sent Jarod and Ren first. The took positions and waited while heavy armoured tanks attacked. With monsters attention turned to them, Jarod sneak attacked and soon all gnolls were killed. Second wave of them appeared from inside of hill, as well as horned, devil-looking troll and soon fight was on again. Twin troll appeared but was paralysed by Connal. Soon both monsters were slain, as well as gnolls and PC peered inside forgotten temple.

Behind the Courtain
- Xandos reached 8th lvel of experience.
- Jarod reached 7th level of experience.
- We have used rules for concealment during combat and blind fighting feat turned out to be handy (for example Ran, who lacked it, missed all his attacks in one turn).
- Jacek discovered we were making some mistakes. He is well learned in rules, I hope with his help will be able to play along the rules. After all, Pathfinder is a 400 pages long with about 300 pages of rules. Even former player had difficulties with grasping mechanics of his spells.

- Next session is planned on Saturday, November 28th.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 23 - Land, the time forgot part 1 of 1

We met last Saturday in the same group and picked up adventure, where it was left on last session. Unfortunately I was forced to cut game short, due to unexpected problems. It turned out that nothing serious damage were done but we had to finish early. I'd like to thank all my true friends for their support. God bless you all.

Heroes returned to "Sky Mill" and found ship surrounded with floating lilies. Lights shone upon them and small tribals were cahnting all around ship-island. Ren descended down engulfed with illumination (thanks to ring of featherfalling Light and predistigation spells). With help of Connal's "Tongues" spell he addressed tribesmen. All warriors fall upon knees and only shaman dared to speak. Roots and branches of ship-island transported him on deck, where he told his tale. He lead warriors of his nation, guided by the prophecy telling of flying island, which masters will save their city. A shadow of war befall upon their city and they were humbly asking for help. Heroes responded the will gladly help them but first have some urgent matters to finish.

Next day Ren and Connal talked with priest of Mystra and made a plan for creating micro climate, which would allow plants on ship survive in more harsh environment. Than they placed Carlin in safe place, prepared plans for placing iryllium inside ship and set off.

First day party crossed savannah. Tribesmen, who turned out to be halflings (rotting corpse one of them was found in the jungle) entered a dream-like state and ran as one pack with raft flying above them. Second day Connal used raft to transport them above forest, forbidden city and down the waterfall. Another day have passed and PC entered a ring of fields that encompassed city. Guarded by wall of thorns, it was composed of clay huts build around smaller circle of hedges. Inside it a tower of milky-white stone rose and palace of queen was built.

Heroes were led directly to queen chambers, where they were left only in company of slim, slender guards. soon the found themselves in throne room, where in common tongue greeted them pale, charming elf maid. She was very interested in their endeavours and adventures, as well as in state of world. She introduced herself as Nyan. She revealed that she was living and ruling city as queen for two generations now and she adopted island as her shelter before harsh and oppressive world. When asked what kind of oppression she escaped and how it is possible she is living so long, she revealed long vampire fangs. She confessed her former friends tried to kill her, despite she never took life of sentient being. Thanks to power of moonstone, beside which was situated her palace, she was free from hunger of blood.

but there was a problem, she could not solve aloone. In mountains nearby a horde of mabu or gnolls, gathered and was marching to raze city. She knew one particularly powerful gnoll was leading army, probably pushed forward by Gammog, a demon, hiding in mountains.

Heroes, as one could expected, boldly stated, the will help defending city. Connal, Xandos and Kyril overseen preparations for defence, while Ren and Jarod scouted ahead, learning that army of gnolls is much closer than everyone thought. A day of travel on foot they spotted three organised columns, marching as an army and sending pathfinders. They quickly returned to the city and began making plans how to stop, disorganise army or eliminate its leader.

Behind the Courtain
I was forced to finish session earlier than I expected but we will meet on Friday and finish session.
I created a common on-line calendar to help organise sessions.