Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chapter Four: The Sword Coast - Session 31 - Good news from the Sword Coast - part 1

Honestly speaking, I didn't believed we will meet in May, but we managed to catch-up and play. It was fun and good session for me, with few challenges, competitive and moderate combat, brain storming, some role playing and short visit to spa.

We began with little resume of what happened during last session. Guys remembered cooking soup with Storm, heroic child nursing, talk with Elminster, advices they received and of course combat with drow elves. Surprisingly no one mentioned Avelon's channeling that killed Kyril. This is what I call gentleness! Connal raised him from dead that same day and whole company went back to Shadowdale.

Heroes returned to "Sky Mill" and began to ponder, what should the do next. It was obvious, somebody should prepare "plan B" in case their quest fails. After quite long discussion it was decided, that Xandos, Kyril and Rainer will travel to Averwest and begin prepare it's inhabitants to coming disaster. In the meantime Ren, Connal, Jarod and Avelon will search for clues how to stop magical plague and collision between Abeir and Toril. Moreover, a new member of party had to be hired, as only wizard would go with Xandos. something as casting was announced and three participant showed: a maid from Old Skull Inn, "working wizard" travelling upstate and mercenary mage. Of that candidates Gorma Lureshadow was chosen, a s she proved to be capable but lo level wizard and was able to read scroll taken form apes' city, claiming t is able to raise a place out of dead, creating it's shadowy image for one night.

Finishing that task, heroes flown to Baldur's Gate. During journey both Ren and Gorma tried to pilot ship and she became an obvious choice of pilot. After five days of voyage "Sky Mill" landed on river and later anchored at city's harbor. Connal visited Moradin's temple and took part in ceremonial armor smithing. Meanwhile Avelon and Ren went around city, haggling, shopping and eventually drifted to bathhouse, where ordered all the beauty caring oils, bubbles etc. But the best shot belonged to Jarod, who did not know what to do, so cashed his part of treasure and went to gaming house. He returned quite drunk and smiling with large and officially-looking parchment under his belt. Next day it turned out, that he won in a card game a house in Waterdeep, with all household items, land and other items. One lucky night and he acquired wealth, that set a comfortable life for a rest of his life.

Next day heroes said farewell to Xandos, Kyril and Reiner and set sails for Candlekeep. When "Sky Mill" vanished form eyes view, ship climbed hight and headed toward fortress of knowledge. En route heroes saw strange white rocks jutting out of sea. When ship was close a Candlekeep, I read aloud an introduction text from Baldur's Gate and described great library,:gardens and city itself. Before "Sky Mill" landed in harbor, a group of shapes approached. It were five knights, a wizard and cleric, all riding pegasi. The demanded what heroes are doing and what are their business and warned travelers that Candlekeep is under siege. Stubborn heroes decided to land and help guards to defend city. To their surprise the found Candlekeep quiet and peaceful, although some houses were ruined or damaged by strange rock formations.

After paying a fee in form of books, party moved to Flaming Fists headquarters to ask for assignment. The were met captain Hostburn, who explained that for about two months. unusual phenomena took place. At different and odd places rock were jutting from under earth, elementals were roaming the countryside and attacked people and from the east a wave of stones, earth and rocks was approaching, threatening to push city from cliff to sea.

Heroes decided to inspect sea rocks in case a second wave was coming from ocean but their suspicions were false. "Sky Mill" turned around and headed inland, to a quarry, which was nearby. The thought, correctly, that workers were responsible for angering earth spirits. During the travel tehy saw an earth wave slowly moving toward the city and decided that task should be finished as quick as possible. Fortunately, they hoped, the had an experience in dealing with earth spirits.

Upon arrival it was clear, that something was wrong in quarry. Elementals were replacing stones that were quarried and workers were caged in a prison of high, sheer walls. Many of them were dead, apparently. Connal tried to talk with one of elementals but at some moment creature.was possessed and by a powerful earth spirit and attacked him..He escaped and heroes decided to move with force.

Heroes descended and moved through quarry and later softened wall around prisoner. An angry elemental overlord appeared and attacked party. Fight was tough and deadly. During combat Jarod as killed but Connal revived him with Breath of Life spell. Once again Avelon used her negative energy channeling ability, this time with full force, raising once again suspicion toward her power and allegiance. In the end elemental was defeated and crumbled into pile of stones, while rest of his kin returned to home plane of existence.

Behind the screen
- I was totally surprised with an idea of spellcasters casting.
- Final fight went smooth and almost without troubles. But there was one misunderstanding and from that point on, there is no "wait, I should hit, may I still roll the damage" situations. You finished your turn, it is over.
- Jarod was killed for 63 pints of damage and did from massive injuries. It was a critical hit.
- We still look for one or two more players and I invited Ania, a good friend of us. She told me she will consider proposal, so keep the fingers crossed.