Monday, 3 August 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 19 - Heart of Jungle

Session was held once again at my home, on July, 25th and honestly saying I was very disappointed with play. It was not only mine feeling but I hope next time will be better.

After fight with grey apes, heroes retreated to abandoned temple, where Carlin cast a protection spell and miraculously healed Connal. In the meantime Ren spied the area and saw apes collecting their fallen comrades and taking them far away. Night was quite peaceful, despite drums beating from the jungle and fires lighting top of pyramid.

Next morning Connal healed himself and rest of party and climbed up air to take a look at their positions. He learned that community of grey apes was living upon pyramid and in it's surrounding, a city was not far away, but it was protected by anti-magic field. It was obvious that something strange happened to dimensions and distances.

Heroes moved on, taking some stops to watch strange tablet with draconic, magical writing. Upon climbing on earthy wall, the moved along the wide stream. Suddenly the were attacked by an invisible creature. It was fierce fight and Xandos was swallowed whole, only to be saved upon threshold of death When the creature was slain, it became obvious it was an river dragon, a terrifying creature of jungle's wilds.

Last, party arrived to the city, one more time experiencing magical anomalies and distortion with dimensions. When they climbed walls it became obvious that no streets were visible below, as rooftops, spires, bushes formed almost impenetrable surface. After search heroes descended down via tower. One of the first thing they saw, it was clear that there were no doors. Travelling through streets that were looking more like corridors than roads, the saw strange shimmering light-stones. Waht moe curious city was almost completely lifeless, yet there were feast prepared, no sign of mould upon green stones, nothing of death.

Heroes made a camp on small square and slept whole night peacefully. Next day the moved on, ate light breakfast and finally arrived at building looking like some library. The found some non-magical scrolls and on the top-most floor the entered to bedroom, decorated with silks, porcelain and black flowers. On bed lied a beautiful red-haired woman. Her skin was looking like porcelain and she was in death-like state of deep slumber. The were to leave room, when everybody except Carlin fell on floor.

Carlin jumped out of room and tried to fetch his comrades with help of his mage hand, when he saw a man on stairs, behind his back. In the meantime rest of heroes experienced strange dreams of time when a city was full of bright light, people were pursuing their interest and something big was about to happen.

Behind the Courtain
Carlin reached 7th level of experience.
City heroes entered is based on Xuhotl, form Conan d20.