Monday, 24 May 2010

Second anniversary

Exactly two years ago I have submitted first note, concerning this campaign. It's a hell of time, when I look back.

We did not know what to think about D&D 3#E.
We did not know about Pathfinder.

But we were keen to play and I was eager to run high fantasy campaign in "from zero to hero" style.

And s here I'm, two years later, with 30 sessions, four chapters under my belt. It was a nice ride and I'm willing to continue it. I have some ideas and some things to show: Netheril, Underdark, perhaps hort trip to another planes and final confrontation with BIG EVIL. Yes, I still plan to build diorama for it and make that final showdown memorably.

There were some issues, but I think we are keeping fine. We still like to meet, throw some jokes and dice, slay some monsters, eat some snacks, loot some treasures and gain another level of experience. Overall, this campaign is very important to me and has become a considerable pillar of my hobby life. Sławek likes to mock me for it in his rants (yes, he's still bitter and constantly accuses me of thievery, internet hacking, double-crossing etc.), but I take it as good omen. If he is so angry, it means I was good Dungeon Master.

I have a few ideas on my mind, I try to experiment with some new tricks, methods of game running, with overpowering game mechanics and day-to-day problems of dungeon Master. There were times, when I was tired, completely deprived out of ideas, without enthusiasm. But those low points go away and I find myself fascinated with my campaign.

Yes, I know, we play rarely, especially in last months. Family obligations, unpredictable events are major factors. What more, I think there are some other factors: game mechanics issue: rules are wearing us down, perhaps after two years my players got used to playing and to world, so it is not as much appealing to them as it used to. But nevertheless, I think we can finish it and have some good memories.

So... We have spent two years in Forgotten Realms. I think we are in a middle of our journey. At first I planned to let the heroes achieve epic destinies and levels 21-30, but I don't know, if we will be able to manage such power in game terms. We shall see.

I'd like to wish my friends and players good luck, many high adventures, exciting sessions, memorable NPCs, fine treasures and worthy foes to defeat. I'd like to play more often with whole group around the table. I'd like to continue.

See you next time!

For some time I'm working on webpage devoted to this campaign and you can found it here.