Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 29 - Dark beyond part 1 of 1

After Ur, king of the apes was slain, heroes lifted their ship and regrouped. At first the were going to fly away, but alter decided to explore city one more time. Jarod and Ren set out, aided by newly acquired powers of Connal's faith. Their mission was rewarded with some informations: apes lived normally, despite propositions, that demon's essence gave them ability to reason, his disappearance went unseen, at leas it was to early to tell of it's consequences. Ren decided to search library and found some ancient texts and magical scrolls. Meanwhile Jarod found out secret treasure room with throne, two platinum bracelets and mysterious 12 skulls, belonging to elves, humans, apes and dwarf. After some debate, as well as some spells cast, heroes put them into bag.

Ship was lifted out of volcano and set back for returning voyage. Curious about the skulls, heroes tried to activate them, destroy after finding the were vessels of souls and when it turned out to be impossible, they set sails for Togo. Nian was unable to provide answers but was also amused by elven skulls. It almost looked like she recognize them... Finally "Sky Mill" was anchored to Ancient and forgotten city's towers. Heroes descended and soon found first awakened city's inhabitants. They were in poor physical condition, an effect of long sleep and addiction to lotus, but still were working on removing Maggog's insignias and monuments. The greeted PC's with respect and manners and lead them to meet with Lammasu.

A magical creature greeted heroes with warm smile and joy. It introduced them to small flock of awakened ones, described their current situation and doings and invited heroes to small celebration. Before it, PC's decided to check, if Maggog is certainly put to rest. His hiding place was deserted: standing stones and pool disappeared without a trace and only gnawed bones of victims remained.

During feast at base of octagonal tower, Lammasu revealed a gift for heroes. He knew they are good and just people so decided to use his divine powers to reveal future before them. What he learned exceeded his expectations. First of all, he asked heroes what the know about Toril and it's twin world Abeir. He wanted to know, if they met people on Faerun, who visited Averwest. Heroes responded that the the have not, while several people was aware of Averwest existence, there was no one, who personally visited island.

It was because, explained Lammasu, Averwest belonged to Abeir, not Toril. Connal responded that amnish traders erected city and conducted trade with Mastica. Lammasu acknowledged it, marking that heroes arrived in Toril, too. The fact was, Averwest existed in both worlds, was a nexus, a common point between them. Moreover, island was composed of mix of elements belonging to one and other world.
It could explained some strange phenomena and inconsistencies like Nordmen invasions, sudden monster's activity and other.

Second news was a dark vision of future awaiting Toril. In ten to fifteen years a Cataclysm was to fall on world. Magic is going to turn into disease, continents shift, seas rise and mouintains fall down. Abeir was to return and take place of some part of Toril. As Averwest directly in the middle, it was impossible to tell whether it survives or will be destroyed.

Last information was also disturbing. there was someone on Averwest, who was aware of dark future and was taking steps to preserve island as it's own private dominion, protected and cut completely from outside worlds. While it could save many lives, that new heaven could become a hell. Who it was, Lammasu was not able to tell.

Conversation was interrupted by Bale, one of awakened, who openly voiced his disgust for low existence, life full of hardships and rejection of old ways. He got himself involved in dispute with Connal and Ren, but was outwitted and rejected even by his former comrades and finally ran. Feast continued and heroes inquired Lammasu about mysterious skulls the found when it chocked. With a look of surprise on it's face, it stared down on crossbow bolt, that pierced his chest. Bale returned with a weapon and beast to back him up. A huge serpent, the Crawler, followed him. It was a vicious monster, constrictor with poisonous teeth. Quick knife throw of Jaarod disabled Bale, but Crawler attacked. People ran out screaming, while Xandos charged bellowing. Fight was short and vicious, heroes surrounded beast (which smashed Bale). Xandos was able to escape murderous clutches and furiously attacked beast, but once again it was Ren that delivered final blow.
In the meantime, Avelon and Rainer healed Lammasu, for a second time saving his life.

Next day heroes began to prepare to leave. The visited astrologist laboratory, where they found a brass machinery, moving map that showed movement of Goro-Goro and others flying islands. While Ren was opting for taking it on board of "Sky mill" or at least copying it, there was no way to do it. Instead PC's drawn map of island's journey and resupplied ship. They were ready to leave Goro-Goro.

And so, next morning "Sky Mill" raised anchor and flown on to border and fall down, to Toril. With Kyril at helm the safely arrived at Sea of Fallen stars (island was passing over Cormyr). Safely put down, ship set course for Urmalspyr, where heroes were going to sell some loot and re-equip themselves before going to Shadowdale for it's sage advice.

Behind the Courtain
- Jarod gained level.
- The Crawler (A Legendary Sea Serpent) was no match for heroes and hadn't meet expectation for CR 12 monster.
- Finally, after almost two years of playing first mysteries began to solve themselves.
- Adrian called me next day after session to thank me and said he enjoyed it very much. It was so great for me.
- It was second session in that room at Adrian's flat and as well as first one, it was great. I think that minimalistic surrounding enhance concentration on game.