Monday, 14 September 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 20 - Slithering Shadow part 1 of 1

Session began with two paths story. Carlin tried to communicate with servant but when he saw wizard casting spell, he went mad and attacked him mercilessly. In the end Carlin was able to defeat him, smashing his skull to pieces. In the same time rest of heroes dreamt of King of Kings, entering the city. They awoke soon, only to find blooded Carlin, standing over dead body.

Heroes decided to take sleeping woman with them Just as the left tower the heard voice from the bushes, which called them in common tongue. It turned out voice belonged to young girl, who introduced herself as Avelon of Waukeen. She advised to leave sleeping woman, explaining awakening dreamers can be dangerous and lead party to her hideout. Avelon told PC's of nature of Anuirg and floating island. Inhabitants were once great alchemists, who invented "metal lighter than air", called iryllium. The also bred a dream lotus, flower able to create potent drug, which created dreams so powerful, that able to create reality from dream. Slowly the degenerated into race of narcotic addicts, a pale shadow of former glory. But in the las act of will to recreate former might, the summoned Maggog, demonic entity, the were hoping will lead them to conquest and awakens them from addictive slumber. Their plan failed and fiend were imprisoned by the rebellious three who defeated demon deep under the city. Maggog dwelled there for centuries, able to slip out of cell and feast upon sleeping inhabitants of the city. To open door leading to his chamber, one need three part key. First piece was stolen from tomb by Avelon, second one ws in Astrologist Laboratory and third in Embalmer's Tomb.
As for Avelon, she didn't know how she got to island. One Evening she was camping with friends on Sword Coast, next morning she awakened alone in city. She was certain no more than few months have passed, but in reality it was twenty years that went by. She was even unaware of disappearance and return of Waukeen.

Heroes decided to go to Observatory first. The climbed impossible high tower and on top of it found chamber of star-gazer.. He was creature neither living, nor dead, certainly not a typical undead, but one thrust of magical spear was enough to end his life. PC's searched his laboratory but found nothing. Connal looked through telescope but saw only burning, black star. When he turned to his friends, the saw he aged for about hundred years. Only after very close search, PC's found second part of key.
Heroes gathered their strength and descended into necropolis to seek Embalmer's Tomb. When the entered it, the were greeted but strike of lightning. It took one more for them realize, they are under attack. A fierce and bitter fight erupted full of darkness, erupting spells and bloody clashes but in the end the defeated guardian Naga. There heroes obtained third part of key, some treasures and Carlin discovered that Avelon was under powerful, necromantic curse, even he was unable to dispell.

Behind the Curtain
I prepared Naga and carefully planed it tactics. It turned out buffed monster lives up to it's Challange Rating.