Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Chapter Five: Vilhoon Reach - Session 34 - Madness part 1

After healing Andru and regrouping, heroes lifted "Sky Mill" and traveled to city of Cedarspoke in which the hoped to find clues concerning time gate to Netheril. Journey was short and pleasant and soon ship anchored at bay. And the troubles began. Viewed from sea, city appeared to celebrate something. Fireworks flashed, sound of horns, trumpets and music was carried by the wind. Just as ship dropped anchor, a sickly yellow and green mist arose and engulfed part of pier and ship. It was poisonous and deadly, instantly killing Gorma and sickening Jarod, Connal and Ren. Cetus quickly raised ship, high above rolling vapor. Navitas reported that above city hovered a few invisible creatures. moreover, Cedarspoke was surrounded by seven camps, obviously laying siege.

Connal tried to revive Gorma but "Breath of Life" was cast too late, so the "Raise Dead" spell was needed. Soon ship was attacked by flying patrol of soldiers on griffons, who tried to cast ship out of sky. Attackers were quickly disposed with devastating use of "Blade Barrier" spell. Heroes decided to stay out of sight and scout in search of what is going on. Jarod was sent on spy mission and learned that Grand Alliance besieged city and kept in in closing for three months. There was a "madness" there and soldiers were committed to keep it within walls. Heroes decided to look through maps and talk with one of commanders, so next night Jarod was sent once again to scout ahead but was caught. Only quick action and cooperation between PC's achieved via "Telepathic Link" allowed them to sneak friend out and save him from death.

Next day, after message sent by Connal, heroes met Vespera diNerio, commander of mercenary army and his entourage. After polite conversation in shadow of abandoned lighthouse, they learned Cedarspoke rules Oreom and Aijul were overthrown by rebellious cult of Grey monks, who spread word of Black Lord's coming and ultimate night under his tyranny. Their preachings and teachings sent whole city in doom-awaitng madness. As long as armies were stationed, unending carnival of debauchery, depravation and decadence was held. Nobody paid attention to armies besieging city. Citizens played, danced, wasted resources in expectation of world's end. In the meantime rulers of Grand alliance were arguing  over whose army will enter city as first one.

Heroes decided to enter the city and look for it's rulers, as Oreom was a wizard of sorts and it was possible, he will know something about gate. That same day "Sky Mill" once again entered harbor. As warned heroes were greeted with sights of maddening carnival. Crazy people were running around, flagellants roamed streets preaching incoming doom and mutilated themselves, in backyards and back alleys orgy after another had place. In one of courtyards steps lead to a steel blade and religiously maddened people thrown themselves to by cut apart. After searching city, heroes found an oasis of peace and reason in form of thieves guild. The greeted them under their roof and invited to stay. That night their masked leader appeared. Called "The Friend" she offered a deal: in exchange of dispatching of an angel, thieves will lead heroes to prison, where Oreom and his wive Aijul were kept. After signing deal, next morning, heroes went to the Black Tower, that was still build in the main piazza of the city. Construction was raised around old palace of rulers and it was said to contain an invisible platform, where Guardian was enthroned. After climbing ladders and steps of construction site, heroes reached it and confronted fallen angel. Fight was tough, as outsider proved to be worthy opponent but eventually heroes were able to overcome it but, he suddenly disappeared. During fight Ren took angel's magical hammer and gave it to Connal, so heres are able to trace it.

But fight is not over...

Behind the screen
- As usual, adventure went in surprising direction. I assumed heroes will defeat deva but combat went into different direction. similar, I have not planned episode with Jarod's imprisonment and rescue. Actual course of next adventure will be based on that, what characters will do and how they respond to situation.

- There are two easter eggs in adventure and this very report, I wonder if somebody will find them?

- I see players create tactics of utilization their powers, spells, so to challenge them I will do the same with monsters :)

- I bought Pathfinder Bestiary and rulebook and were given GM Screen! Every item is very useful!