Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chapter Five: Vilhoon Reach - Session 35 - Madness part 2

By readers demand I'ill specify player's characters and notable NPCs.

Cetus - Paweł.
Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian

Avelon, priestess of Waukeen
Gorma, a wizard
Prince Oreom - doge of Ceddarspoke
Princes Aujil - dogess of Ceddarspoke
The Friend - leader of one of thieves guild
Sephiron - a fallen deva

We picked session up, where it was left.
After defeating a fallen deva, Sephiron, heroes searched platform. Only thing worth was a throne of gold, inscribed with angel's glory and deeds. There were no mention of his falling. While heroes were searching, from below a crowd of fanatics began climbing. When they reached platform, immediately attacked. Some of invaders were cut to pieces by Blade Barrier, other were blasted with Cetus' Fireball. Only survivor was Grey Monk priest, who began incantation, but has fallen out of ladder. To Connal's and Cetus' terror he was invoking name of Black Lord, dead god Bane!

Heroes decided it is time to move out. They teleported on the roof of nearby building and looked for suitable place. After short search they settled in abandoned palace. Knowing, that Hammer of Disruption can be easily located, the decided not to return to guild's safe house. Instead Jarod was sent with a message. thieves promised to pass a word to the Friend.

At midnight The Friend appeared in palace with entourage of sneakers and assassins. She briefly discussed matters of concern and said, she'll be in touch. Guilds were becoming upset with situation and future of Ceddarspoke, as it was threatening their profits and perhaps, existence.

Next day Jarod was sent to scout out the Black tower. He was having some troubles with overseer, but dispatched him quickly, yet painfully. Sneaking to the Black Tower basement, he discovered prison and dungeon under it. Way was blocked by suspicious wall, so he turned back, to bring rest of PC's.

After sneaking through Grand Square and entering dungeon, party traveled through lone corridor. It was abandoned, but Jarod found out, that someone was secretly entering underground complex. At the end of tunnel was a lonely cell, closed with iron doors. Inside of it laid body of man and was kept woman, pregnant and starving. Recognizing pair of ruling princes, heroes snatched Oreom's body and Aujil and teleported to "Sky Mill". Jarod and Ren traveled by ordinary means and felt observed.

On board Connal healed Aujil and resurrected Oreom. to his surprise doge spirit was closer than one could think. From words that slipped out of doge lips, it was clear that while in prison cell, he was poisoned by his wife. when rescued were put to sleep, Sephiron reappeared to reclaim his Hammer of Disruption. At first he gained advantage in combat, stunning Connal, but was overcomed by Ren and used his plane shift ability to escape one more time.

Heroes agreed to help doge Oreom. the traveled to hidden cache of riches and nearby city to hire a mercenary army. Than they came back to Ceddarspoke to find it disturbingly quite and serene. It quickly turned out, that carnival of madness is over, as Grey Monks were put to death at hands of allied guilds.

During next weeks Oreom and Aujil regained power in city. doge kept his word and revealed location, where portal to Netheril could be. Heroes traveled there and found volcano calm and inactive. Descending deep into maze caverns they found temperature rising. At the center of dungeon were room filled with great fire and inscriptions of devotion to Kossuth. Cetus assumed form of fire elemental, but was damaged by heat. After long preparations and casting many protective spells, heroes entered chamber and went through portal...

Behind the Screen
Jarod advanced to 12 level of experience.
Some differences between Pathfinder Beta and final version were visible, so we decided to check, if we like to switch to it.