Monday, 27 April 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session 13 - Trapped Under Ice part 1 of 1

To my surprise, all players were present and whole party participated in game. There were some off-topic talks but they were few and have not interrupted play. Adventure was quite good mixture of role-playing, combat and thinking.

When heroes descendent from tree, they were met by young man. He greeted them with visible joy and enthusiasm. Soon, villagers began to gather, shouting, laughing and hugging PC's like they manage to do some great deed. Connal tried to calm down people, but he failed and only arrival of dark haired, slim and tall woman let them speak. she invited heroes to her house, announcing, that this evening will be a celebration held at "Evening Shade Inn".

After brief introduction they began to share informations. She introduced herself as Arian Hoth, a druid and keeper of Old Oak, who was provider and shelter for whole community. As it turned out, villagers were sure, that party travelled through Kuldahar Pass. Much to her dismay, PC's told, the travelled here via magical portal. What was much worrying, the learned that all passes were cut by snow, so they were prisoned in Kuldahar. Arian proposed them logging and heroes chosen old odd ship, looming over village. Astrid and Patrick settled in an abandoned house and decide, they would stay in Kuldahar to raise their child.

Next to days passed quickly with heroes finding their way around the village, the met also with Orrick the Grey (strange coincidence in names, isn't it?) who was deeply fascinated in meeting Carlin, whom he paid respect for intrigue and fight against dreaded monk Saravinola in Messemprar. Heroes repaired an old ship, found some old captain's manuals concerning sailing upon the skies. Patrick finally began studying scroll taken from Monastery of Healing dove and Ren asked for help with his fey nature and consulted with Arian. During that time, heroes were approached by one of twin priests of Ilmater and asked for assistance. Heroes agreed and were led to temple. It was obvious, that something strange and evil happened here. Whole inside were covered with ice that not melt, despite fires magical and normal alike, that were burning. Priests said that source of this emanation were in cellars beneath temple.

Heroes descended there and found a small dungeon. In one of rooms they were attacked by pack of wild yetis and found holes in the floor. Through them they saw a sleeping white dragon. Taken by fear and suspicions, heroes retreated and consulted with priests and druidess. she said that caves beneath Kuldahar were an old place of worship and burial grounds of druids. Suspecting foul play and illusion, party descended and found that in fact, there were no dragon there. In wall of cavern there were a portal, leading to druid's final place. Crossing it, the arrived at forest made of bas-relief trees and stones. Under some of them sat druids turned to stone. This room was also covered with ice. Not before long, party was attacked by pack of abominable snow-men, fortunately weak and not fully turned to monsters and controlling the priestess of Auril. Fight that erupted was tough, bloody and harsh, but heroes finally defeated monsters and left the cave.

Behind the Curtain
Carlin the Grey reached 5-th level.

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historymech said...

When writing about young years of famous people historians face the same problem: while there are many writings and documents about mature age of the famous person, on the other hand there is usually no information about the early ages of the future figure of renown.
The same is true for famous Xandos the Skullhammer. We do not know absolutely anything about his young years and childhood. Moreover, we also do not know anything for sure about his parents or the place where he was born. Of course there are many legends, as usual in such cases.
One says that his princess-mother born him in the middle of wild forest when fleeing from minions of powerful wizard (of long forgotten name). She died soon thereafter and Xandos was nursed by the pair of dire wolves.
Another legend states that he was born in small village of Appleshade on far western island of Averwest. Then he was teleported to continent by some wizard. The legend says also that wise Ren of Shadows, his right hand who for long years was taking care of all kingdom’s secret affairs, was truly a Xandos’s brother. In my humble opinion anyway, that is rather a fictional story invented by some clever merchant to promote sweet western brew of apple-wine.
But historian have to rely on verified sources, and documents, and should put away myths and legends. Therefore we must sadly admit that we have no reliable clue about the young ages of valiant king Xandos.

Martin the Scribe
“Age of Hammer and Skulls”