Thursday, 22 October 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 22 - Darkness Below par 1 of 1

Last week we finally gathered to play, meeting on Saturday, 17th. This time session was held at Adrian's place, we sat around a table and welcomed new player, Jacek. Terentz was absent due to family meeting.

We began with recollection of previous adventures, introducing of characters and describing close surroundings. PC searched Maggog's chamber, finding few magical items: Mirror of Opposition, Pearls of Power and Mask of Skull. Close inspection of stone revealed the were marked with carvings resembling part of keys. Two burning with darkness led to outer dark and were quickly closed, one less active gave Connal glimpse of plateau, volcano and primordial forest, where second part of demons essence dwell.

There were one more curious thing: a well full of black, oily liquid. Xandos descended and returned after short while, describing a dark cave, that were under well, sight very similar to one he saw under Kuldahar. This time whole party climbed down and began to explore cave. After meeting two different and dangerous kinds of fungi, the found a valley and bodies of small creatures there. Before the had a chance to inspect them closely, darkness fall upon them (all but Connal) and the were attacked by pack of strange creatures. Connal created daylight which scarred grimlocks and the run away. Fireball blast destroyed them but fight was far from over. As it turned out below ceiling levitated four or five strange beings who tried to posses PCs. After being bombarded by spells and suffering amount of damage three of them ran. PC discovered tunnel by which grimlocks got on their level, but withdraw to recover (Avelon, Carlin and Kyril were paralysed).

Next time it was PC's turn to launch attack. The descended through tunnel and discovered a cave, where some creatures worked on veins of metal under guard of grimlocks and under supervision of three dark beings. As soon as PC's entered a cave, they were attacked by grimlocks and slaves. Masters controlled them from above and hurled their powers at heroes. PC killed grimlocks and tried to spare slaves. Finally they killed all but one masters (it were illithids) and freed prisoners. Last one used plane shift ability too escape. Fight was brutal and hard, Avelon was wounded as well Kyril, but it was Carlin who took greatest damage. He was struck by Ray of enfeeblement, failed saving throw which resulted in shattering of his mind. Slaves were: two buccaneers, priest of Mystra and Jarod, an adventurer and vagabond of Western Heartlands.

Prisoners were led upward to city, fed and put to sleep. While the were recovering, Ren searched for informations concerning black lotos and Forest Queen and talked with Avelon. In the meantime Connal tried to extract iryllium. Taking small chunk was a great effort, so he decided to invoke Moradin's power. Blessing chamber, sanctifying tools, praying and feasting, he conducted ceremony to summon his patron's ally. Instead a Messenger of Dwarven Father appeared and worked with his priest to excavate metal. Connal was dazed as were his friends.

Having all work done, heroes constructed raft and placed a metal under it. The moved above forest, visited treants to find any clue about Heart of wood or Queen of the Forest and assured themselves the have to find Primordial Plateau. When they finally arrived to lake and "Sky Mill", the saw their garden-ship surrounded by huge lilies with little lights upon them. Close inspection proved it were flotilla of some tribesmen, leaving sacrifaces on ship's deck and clearly waiting for something.

Behind the Courtain
Ren advanced 8th level of experience, choosing sorcerer class.
Connal advanced on 9th level.
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I was moderately satisfied with gaming session but guys cheered. They completed and finalised few things, finally understood what they have to do and how. I was glad session was held, because I was afraid we will abandon game after fuss that erupted and resulted with Sławek departure.