Thursday, 17 December 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 25 - Land, the time forgot part 3 of 3

Last session was held on December 4th, at Adrian place. I had straight plan: a little dungeon crawl and final showdown with gnoll leader. It unfolded as I expected but with a little twist.

After defeating guards, heroes entered a tunnel, with Jarod leading the party. He searched for traps, found none and heard some noises coming from a complex. He spotted open door and lead group to a chamber lit by fluorescent fungi. There the found a sarcophagus. During search a trap was sprung and Connal fell into pit. Fortunately almost no damage was done.

PC decided to follow trail of gnolls. They crossed few rooms and in one of them was attacked by a manticore. Fight was fierce and short, due to Xandos physical prowess, and finally beast was killed. Heroes wondered during fight, how beast got inside a dungeon and after it's death it turned out it was a magical artefact. Unfortunately when it returned to it's original form, a a little stone figurine, it was badly damaged and apparently useless.

Pursue after gnolls was only interrupted by stacked door. When party tried to force blocked door, heroes wondered how it was possible, they heard voices. After smashing them to pieces it became obvious door was bolted with purpose, gnolls were aware of someone following their trail.

Finally a showdown took place. Fight erupted in two chambers and party consisting Jarod, Connal, Ren, Xandos and Kyril faced four gnolls, a shaman, two fiendish trolls and three fiendish gnolls, with a general as one of them. Hurling spells, Mask of Skull and shooting bows heroes wrecked destruction, slaying all of the weaker opponents. Then they faced trolls and other gnolls in archway. After tough confrontation, only one side was standing in aftermath and it were heroes!

Behind the Courtain
- Ren advanced on 8th level.
- Final fight took about 2,5-3 hours to resolve.
- Me and party got upset a lot with rules. There are to many modifiers, rules, situational modifiers to remember. In the heat of battle I tend to forgot about them (for example my favourite rules concerning terrain). I have a plan of making special cards, but isn't it what new WFRP is about?
- It is pretty weird that five seasoned players (not only in RPG but also miniature wargames, boardgames etc.) have issues with mechanics that is almost year in use. Despite my initial enthusiasm towards Pathfinder I begin to consider it to much complicated. No wonder former player had constant difficulties with rules of combat and magic.