Friday, 23 July 2010

Chapter Four: The Sword Coast - Session 32 - Good news from the Sword Coast - part 3

It's been a while since I ran last session, but some personal and professional issues were keeping me from updating blog. Next meeting is planned on August, 7th due to holidays and guys' vacation plans.

Session began with PC's plans on topic, how to depose body. The key factor was how to do it, without alerting high-ranking officials. If the become aware of situation, especially changes in books text, minor librarians would face sever consequences. As always, Bag of Holding came handy and heroes smuggled body out. Young clerks assured they are able to "repair" books. With their help and extensive as well as very fast and productive library search, heroes learned that book "My year of life in Netheril" was written by geographer and cartographer, Andru the Wizard. He was one of many wizards but at some point was able to gather vast hoard of treasure and settled on his own private island.

Meanwhile librarians contacted heroes with Cetus, a sage, researcher and wizard of much renown among academicians, who was looking for company to travel far away from Candlekeep. He proved to be valuable party member and wise person, what came evidently when researching information on Time Gates to Netheril, conditions concerning travel back in time or material components required for casting Time Conduit spell.
All in all, it became obvious, that Andru's island is first step of research, as it was relatively close to Candlekeep.

"Sky Mill" climbed up in air and flew north. Meanwhile heroes dropped body of Cyric's emissary to sea. Two days later ship arrived at harbor of Andru's islands. Local villagers greeted heroes warmly but informed them, that master Andru is absent, due to extensive research he conducts. His wife sometimes comes to village to buy food or needed supplies. while speaking of her, master of village, Morg, became fearful and suspicious. He confessed some dark things are happening. She was seen staring at windows of some houses and people living there, especially children, died. Heroes agreed to investigate matter in secret.

Party quickly climbed up hill, to reach the tower. After arriving at top of the hill heroes were immediately attacked by a twisted treant who was hiding between trees. After quick fight he was defeated. Cetus released his pseudo-dragon familiar to look around but she was able to see nothing out of ordinary. Tower was silent and apparently deserted. Door was locked, windows shut and nobody answered from inside. While Ren jumped at top of the roof, Jarod checked windows for traps but forgotten to do it in case of doors. A lightning struck him, while opening locks. Once again he was hit while fumbling with mechanism, but finally opened them. Tower was small but clearly habited. There were rooms like study, kitchen, dining room or bedchamber. Ren was descending from top, while rest party climbed up by stairs. While they were searching room after room, he was attacked by terrible creature, that turned out to be a night hag. She cast a Silence spell, so Ren could not cry for help. Moreover, his hits was apparently not affecting her. Finally party met at top of the tower and defeated villain. In room next to smashed study, the found Andru, binded and starving. He confessed he was betrayed by one, whom he considered true friend, a love of his life, which in true was monster in disguise.

Andru was not able to help with travel to Netheril. He said, he was given a scroll with time Conduit spell as a reward for his help and services for City of Brass. He was longing to go back to "those truly wonderful, but alas, lost times!". Heroes decided to seek a time gate located in Vilhoon Reach and set off.

Behind the Screen
- We have a new player, a Paweł. He chose to play wizard and I'm glad, as he read rules and learned them by the heart. Contrary to former wizard, he was able to learn his spells correctly, choose feats so they were logical and helpful for party. I'm glad to have decent and nice fellow in group.

- The adventure I ran was taken from Castles&Crusades quick start. It was nice, short scenario, that consisted some mysteries, combat and exploration.

- No mistakes in combat!

- I ordered final, printed version of Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Bestiary as well.