Friday, 1 October 2010

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 36 - Underwater part 1

Cetus - Paweł.
Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian

Avelon, priestess of Waukeen
Pearl - queen of sea elves
Art - elder of Falcon's Hollow

Heres stepped into a portal and found themselves in large gallery under pulsing blue roof. Surrounding them were objects of art, armors, magical artifacts. Below gallery there was a throne room and group of creatures, discussing with a strong agitation. Connal cast tongues spell and quickly understood that those were sea elves and their city was besieged by an evil army. Heroes introduced themselves and to their surprise were not only recognized but fully expected.

It turned out that Cetus, Avelon and Gorma, who entered portal first, arrived about six months earlier. but with them came a Grey Shadow, a malicious, petty and evil spirit. He was residing inside Gorma's stuff, which she made of one of "Sky Mill's" branches. He accused three of treachery, doublecrossing and stealing his fabulous magical powers. Moreover, that apparition, escaped and connected with it's former self, a fully living wizard of high ambition and low skills. 
Carlin the Grey.
He escaped a city, abducting Cetus, Avelon and Gorma. Few weeks later a huge army of sharks, octopuses, sahuagin and other evil sea creatures attacked Correal. Obviously Carlin's intention was clear: to destroy portal, before Connal, Ren and Jarod arrive and put his intrigue down.

Chief guardian asked heroes to escort Pearl to safe hideout, while he and warriors will reclaim city. while doing so, PC's had to enter a maze of corridors, praying for air. Finally they entered a blue cave of water, where queen was waiting for them. As the voiced will to help elves and find their companions, she offered them a underwater apparatus, capable of crossing depths and lengths.

Heroes decided to act. They flew (or swam?) over fighting armies and scouted a mountain range and found a tunnel, leading to huge cave, where host of sahuagin was stationed. Short fight erupted and they ere chased by giant octopus, but they learned of teleportation circle inside of structure. The withraw an attack to find friends and tier whereabouts first. Submarine emerged from water and was greeted by storm. Sending was send to Cetus, who answered that he and Avelon are on shore in town of Siriana, well and happy. 

Next day party, at evening  reconciled and heroes learned that in fact it was their former companion, who turned out to be traitor. He was accusing them of throwing him at illithid's mercy, of stealing his power, treachery, lack of respect and many other. He was ranting without stop or sense, but Avelon was able to fool him, she's priestess of evil goddess and they should join forces. It was matter of small intrigue and she and Cetus' escaped. Where Carlin and Gorma went, the knew nothing.

With that, heroes decide they have to repair damages the were responsible for and look for Carlin to prevent him from wreaking more havoc and of course to search for Iolaum. First they returned to city and found that eves reclaimed city. It was speculated, that invading army was lured into attack by Carlin's machinations and heres decided to enter a Maw, a cave they previously discovered, to find horde's masters and persuaded them to step back. 

Their ship swam through tunnel and heroes dropped one by one on teleportation circle. Ren was first. He was greeted by darkness, that lightstone barely shine but something was at him! He darted to escape but huge, monstrous creature was relentless in pursuit. while rest of heroes emerged bringing more and  more light, it was clear that they were facing a giant, primordial shark of unsatisfiable appetite. After a bloody and frenzy fight beast was slain and we ended session.

Behind the screen
- We decided to abandon Pathfinder Beta and switch to final release.
- Paweł was unfortunately absent.
- There were advances: Jarod and Ren