Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 38 - Pallid Plague part 2 of 3

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian

Avelon, priestess of Waukeen
Cetus - Paweł (absent)

After helping lumberjack, heroes made camp and took watch at night. Nex day the went deeper into forest, looking for source of the plague. It was an strange orchard guarded by fallen druids. They were tending bushes of strange flowers, that were the same, as in bellies of undead bears. Quick and merciless attack killed almost all of gardeners. One last was captured and interviewed. With bile and hatred, he explained that it is too late, messengers with bags full of flowers were not on the way, but in Falcon's Hallow, preparing the town's doom.

Heroes headed immediately back and found town crowded with beggars. The secretly distributed flowers around community, while their base around old, abandoned house near herbalist shop. While Connal gathered forces of Lumberjack Consortium, Ren infiltrated network and found out their base, while Jarod and Cetus set trap. With one, quick strike whole affair was ended: beggars caught, flowers burnt. Going after first hit, heroes headed back to groove and learned from imprisoned druid, that plague was created with Iandrea Stella, buried under river bed.

Heroes immediately went to search for it and found stone basin. It was destroyed with Moradin's power. Ren decided to go into forest to search for fae-queen Syrix. He met her in old groove and informed of happenings. Whole group retreated then to Falcon's Hallow.