Monday, 26 September 2011

Chapter Seven: Homecoming - Session 47 - Godess of Magic

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian
Steven - Leon

The Friend
Helena the Witch
Rumbur, shy giant
Madame Eva, gypsy seer

Session began with heroes gathering information. they contacted with Reiner but he was nowhere to be found. Connal reached his brother who surprisingly told him to "not to listen to gossips". Suspicious and unsure, heroes climbed down to Cedarspoke.

City has been rebuilt, it's black tower replaced by magnificent fortress. While there was an discreet monument dedicated to restoration of dogas, almost no one remembered heroes who defeated fallen angel fifteen years ago. Heroes began to search temple of Mystra in hope priests will direct them to the Magister. cleric welcomed them warmly and listened to their story. He pointed at enchantress who lived in city. She seemed to be favored by goddess of magic but was rarely seen. Her apartment was at "Stars and stones Inn", famous for an luxury rooms  and discrecy.

Heroes checked in and began to search. Enchantress room was locked and secured with spells. Jarod contacted with The Friend, who now was called The Baroness but she was not able to help in breaking in or providing any new information. All in all heroes decided it's time to do something now.

At night party disabled traps and magical alarms and entered Enchantress room. It wasn't used in years, dusty and silent. Inside wardrobe however there was a portal, leading to glade with lamppost in the middle of it. Heroes took survey of surroundings and moved in direction of mountains. Soon they arrived at crossroads, where little goblin was sitting. He was murmuring to himself and very agitated. He explained he is watchman of goblin's Market. To see one heroes had to turn right five times but no merchant showed up. When asked for the Enchantress pointed mountains.

At the base of range heroes had found door, but it was magically closed. Golden stag explained the need magical ring to open it. Ring was in possession of large sheat-fish, that lived in lake. Party moved there and began to looking for it. Soon sheat-fish appeared and admitted he has ring and will gladly give it back to characters but for a price... There was a giant living nearby who was fishing on him. If giant was persuaded to stop, ring will be heroes'. So party moved to look for giant. He was called Rumbur, was nice and little shy bloke. He also had nice home in an old mine, greeted party warmly, offered his bread, butter and cheese. He complained on witch that took his magical pot of fish. If he got one back, he'd stop hunting sheat-fish. So heroes went on to find witch. She was living in swamps with her two young children. She admitted pot was in her possession, as her kids were growing and always hungry. Heroes arranged Rumbur to baby-sit them, so witch had some time to herself. All went back to Goblin Market, where Ren met once again gypsies. This time it was time to draw a card from a Madame Eva's Deck. It was a Chariot.

So, all company went back home, and finally heroes were granted an entrance to the enchatress' hideout. there they found her chambers, treasury and guardian, a colossal gold dragon. Great wyrm encircled her slowing time but gave pass to heroes. The stated their cause but the Enchantress or Mystra herself was indifferent. she said that what has to happen, will happen but gave some instructions to how to rescue Averwest.

Heroes hastily returned to Cedarspoke and teleported to Averwest in order to save their home!