Friday, 21 October 2011

Chapter Seven: Homecoming - Session 49 - Unholy trinity part 2 of 3

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian
Steven - Leon

Heroes' families
Khan and Chacri
Straw God's emanation

As it turned out, homecoming was the hardest part of all adventures. Ren and Connal had fought with dragons and demons, braved ancient past and explored flying islands, they ventured deep into Underdark and far to the North, but were nervous coming home. What will parents say? Is Aplleshade the same village they left?

Luckily there was no signs of destruction, not counting strange burned structure on nearby hill. Old neighbors recognized and rejoiced at their return. Parents welcomed them with an open arms. Everybody was keen to hear what had happened to them and where they had spent all those years. It was Jarod and Steven who first noticed little details that escaped sons of Aplleshade's attention.

There were a lot of crows and birds everywhere. The seemed to watch and follow people. Something strange was carried on in countryside, what Jarod discovered. Something alike to  pilgrimage or wandering camp was formed and under guidance of some elders all the children were moving to Stepple Falls. When Connal and Ren asked certain questions, the were hushed. Local patrons left tavern before sunset. When darkness fell some tongues were loosed.

It wasn't that all good and beauty in Appleshade. Abundant wheat were bought at cost of sacrifices to Straw God. Although good folk bowed before him, the were ashamed of practice and did what the could to avoid his harsh and demanding commandments. At early spring the smuggled children put and gave to the god an animal. At autumn they burned criminal in Wicker Man. Heroes learned that birds spied on behalf of Straw God and that animals avoided an old house near village's perimeter.

Entering Khan's house was difficult but eventually Jarod defeated locks and traps. An old man wasn't an old anymore. He and Chackri greeted them heroes in their true, human and tiger-like forms. Khan excused and explained he could not reveal his true colors, as he was in little and petty conflict with others like him. He chose Apllesahde as a place to wait out but one of his enemies, was after him. But heroes dealt wit that problem log ago. while he was indifferent about happenings on island, as a small fraction of paying a debt he revealed how and where to find Straw God. Both parties split in good relations.

Armed with a knowledge, heroes moved against a Straw God. The traveled through fertile fields, deep into something was collective consciousness of agriculture. Straw God was nothing more and less than wide gap, filled with garbage. In it's maw dead animals, rotting wheat, leaves and roots were boiling. This mass erupted and took form of a roughly humanoid monster that without thought attacked, smashing fists and slamming blows. Whole party engaged it with Ren taking leading role and Connal casting spells. With Jarod and Steven's abilities, heroes deposed demi deity as many other demonic or angelic monsters before...