Monday, 7 July 2008

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 02 - Small Beginnings part 2 of 3

Fortunately, this session was played with full party squad, although began later than we expected and lasted much longer. It was tough but very fun night.

Following unfinished execution, Ren was asked by Connall, if he can bring his armour from home. He rode to the Appleshade, passing strange fellow on the road. He suspected, it was poacher, who set traps in Hieronim's Groove. Coming back to town and managing some issues, he enlisted Xandor on adventure and next day travelled back to Monastery of Sigil, an cloister under auspicies of Gond and Azuth.

In the meantime, Connal and Andala set off to the same monastery. During slow trek through the countryside and hills, the came upon sealed entrance in the hillside. Runes that marked it, were connected to Myrkul, now deceased God of Death and Dead. With shrug of fear and uncomfortable feeling, they moved on to the Monastery. After warm welcome they waited for Ren, who showed up with Xandor.

Party in complete, PC's set off to find Master Aurelius, wizard whom the were to deliver a book. Due to informations acquired from monks, he was camping on the opposite shore of Ice Crystal Lake.

After short search, heroes found glade with big tent and fireplace in the middle. It turned out, that it was wizard's camp. Inside tent were bed, drawer and bookshelf and two chairs. Curious thing, inside tent they could not hear anything from outside. Unfortunately, there were no sign of mage around. With extensive search and tracking, Xandor found burned fragments of paper and than mauled body of unknown male. As they suspected, it was Aurelius. Nearby to the site, Xandor came on fragment of frozen earth. His suspicions were magnified, when during search for herbs,he began feeling cold. Temperature in some parts of the forest was significantly decreasing, to the frozen level.

With curing spells and fish soup, Andala and Connal nursed Aurelius, who began hallucinating about Maya, his assistant and disciple. Putting this facts together, as well as spotting, that during night something was spying them, party was convicted that something awry and strange is going on. Next day the decided to investigate frost sphere and it's influence. Trail of cold and frozen earth lead them to small canyon. Before reaching it's end, from nearby bushes erupted cone of frozen earth and after it, savage wolf attacked PC. Fight that erupted was brutal and tough. Xandor almost lost his life, Andala decided to retreat but despite these drawbacks, white wolf was slain. It's dying breath were two words, surprisingly spoken in common language: "my children...".

Session ended with discovery of seven cubs in hole and argument over their fate.

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