Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 03 - Small Beginnings part 3 of 3 and Night of the Straw Men

Session began with the reminder of the last adventure. After short conclusion, PC began arguing about the fate of Winter Wolf's puppies. Subduing the bravest of them, Xandos gathered little animals in cave and blocked path out of it with a branch.

Party returned to Master Aurelius and informed him about Maya's fate. Also they asked him about his inquires in local area and mysterious ruins nearby. The were quite surprised, when he told, he was working on history of small elven community and cult, believing in uniting elven race. Meantime Xandos returned and gathered puppies.

Packing his belongings and providing them to invisible servants, whole group left for Steeplefalls. Although locals were concerned about tragedy on lake's shore, it seemed nothing can disturb the festival. PC's were quite surprised that village's main priest left, to tend over dry fields.

When the sun set down, feast began. On the wooden platform sat mayor and junior priest, Letru, before them on square people danced, drank beer and had fun. Ren and Xandos were picking girls, Connal and Andala danced. Nobody saw, what bas about to happen.

It was before midnight when something strange occurred. At first people thought it's pat of the fest, but weave of fear spread across square. strange, hooded and caped figure crossed place and climbed up the stairs. Announcing "The bigger is sin, the bigger scarecrows comes after sinner!" it threw hat away and blazed with fire from eyes cut out of huge pumpkin. With this words scarecrow jumped at Letru and broke his spine with one mighty blow.

Terrified people screamed and ran. Panic broke up. Ren was first to join the fight, and first to feel wrath of scarecrow. Although he was joined with Connal and Xandos (all fighting improvised weapons), he was severely beaten. With a luck and preservance, Xandos and Connal defeated scarecrow, which collapsed.

Immediately a messenger was sent to Monastery, to get help. Cleric was able to stabilize Ren,but Letru's wounds were to serious to heal him completely. Shadow of death withdrew but left him paralysed.

Next morning began with more healing and investigation. Xandos inspected fields and was assured that one of the scarecrows were missing. Neither field's owner, nor owner of the wagon, where scarecrow was hiding knew anything useful.

Meantime mayor told Connal about troubles in the city of Tristor, priest of Chantea returned only to be more concerned with strange happenings of the last night. session ended with plans for immediate future.

Next session is planned for August 16th.

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