Thursday, 20 November 2008

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 05 - Fright at Tristor part 2 of 3

On November 2nd we had another session. In the meantime we played on one ocassion but there were too many topics and too little roleplaying, to consider it a full game session.

Ren and Connal arrived at Tristor along with their new found friends. During travel they stumbled upon an old and sinister looking tree. It was a hangman tree, as old man said, but it's been long time, since last criminal was hanged there.

At Tristor they were reluctantly welcomed at protegee's house. Fed with dinner and given bath, Ren and Connal slept well. Next day they went to the city. Visisting inn they leaned few details about winter wolves. Innkeeper turned to be an ex-mercenary, hailing from Icewind Dale. Small talk at local shop turned up, that shopkeeper was quite Helm fanatic, claiming "wrong believers are to blame for recent disasters and anima slaughtering". Local blacksmith was able to repair Connal's armour. When the brace two was to take it back, they caught signs of tumult, at the town's gates. As it turned out, it was a boy on horse, who came to Tristor for help,because his family was brutally attacked. Instantly joining ranks of town guards, Ren and Connal set off to find out, what is happening.

After a long trip through dark forest, heroes cam upon an farmhouse. All was unnatural quiet and peaceful. Short investigation revealed some curious clues: main house was abandoned, barn burned out, livestock slaughtered and inhabitants missing. Not sure what to do, Ren and Connal stayed in house. In the small hours heroes heard an explosion, sound was coming from woods. Next morning they found bear's tracks and steel claw. Following tracks, Ren and Connal found path worming through woods and small glade with and lake. On the shore they found bodies of two adults, while in the water children's corpses was floating.

Following tracks deeper into woods, heroes came upon another farmstead, also burnt, with it's inhabitants slain and deep crater in the middle of yard. Here were also tracks of human and bear. Another bodies proved, that this attack was also successful. Curious thing, tracks disappeared at the base of the hill.

Heroes decided to head back. On the way they meet a local hunter, who mocked and threatened them and beside the hangman tree the found fresh flowers. Before they had a chance to investigate this mystery, they overheard moaning from bushes. As it turned out, it was Constable Parsons, beaten and dying from wounds. Connal invoked power of Moradin and healed him, s along with Ren, they rushed wounded to Tristor. From his malign whispering the learned, that Bosko farm is in danger. After delivering wounded to healer, the ran to farm. Goodman Bosko was reluctant to talk and did not want help, so heroes decided to watch over farm from hiding.

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