Monday, 8 December 2008

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 06 - Fright at Tristor part 3 of 3

It was long time, since I post last note, as well quite a while since we played. Well, last session was fun for all (including even me) except for Terentz, who was bored out of his mind. If Adrian had not been late for 2 hours we would play together but it went all wrong. Never mind.
As a side note, I laminated several sheets of graph paper and used markers to draw situation plan. Experiment went quite good and helped to visualize combat around the Buren's farm.

The session began when Connal and Ren went back to Burren's farm and hide between bushes. Heavy mists arose from ground(I almost typed it "Mist" :-) ) blocking a line of sight, so heroes moved little closer. when they set up, they heard a roar from the nearby woods and out of fog terrible beast appeared. It was huge and muscular, with glowing eyes, blurred frame, thick plates, spikes, fangs and steel claws. It charged a house and met with Ren at the door. Combat erupted and brave monk was levelled down with fierce blows and (as it turned out later) treacherous poison. Connal rushed to friend's aid and with few well placed blows of his and spiritual hammer, chased beast to the woods. With the fog finally lifted, the were invited inside, where spent night at watch and rest. Following morning the set off Tristor to, only meet on he road mother in fear. Poor woman begged them to find, where her's little daughter is. Brave two agreed and began investigation. Following tracks and stream, the found child's shoe. After a short search the discovered a small cave, where bear lived. To their surprise animal has adopted little girl as her own cub. Little child thought it is quite fun to have bear of her own. Finally, she agreed to go home and set off with heroes. Poor bear stood motionless and moaned softly, as the retreated. After returning girl to home, Connal warned villagers of bear and asked them to treat animal kind.

It was all clear to the heroes, that happenings of late had something in common with hanging of rueni vagabond, twenty years earlier. Not knowing, who might be next target, they set off to find some clues. Alas, the found one in the butchered carcass of Tristor's Most Dangerous hunter. It was clear, he followed beast-bear and fell pray to stabbing knife. Connal and Ren decided to pay a visit to local witch. she was polite and charming but refused their help. Instead, she directed heroes to her friend, a local hermit. His cave was far away in woods, but Connal and Ren decided to take a look. What the found, was much different to their expectations.

Bolt from a crossbow was warning, that current inhabitant of cave does not welcome uninvited guest. Bear charged them but other bolts went off. After a short combat and chase, Connal captured tormentor of Tristor. Fright at Tristor was over. Or wasn't it?

With a prisoner captured, Connal sent for help and Helm's priest, who would rule the trial. In response an Blessed Aristoi with unit of 10 knights appeared. Trial lasted for three days of in-septh testimonies and was ended wit "guilty" verdict. As it turned out, twenty years earlier group of Riuvanni vagabounds were travelling in this area. The sold an fake potions of haling and went on. But, some of the imbibers were found dead. To enraged locals it was clear the died from mixture sold by strangers, not self-made alcohol. The chased the group, beaten everybody to bloody pulp, and hanged at Tristor's execution Tree. Only one boy was spared, to show him "mercy of Helm". Many years later, he came to seek revenge. Aristoi sentenced him to death, what boy took with bold laughter. After that, a severe and harsh judge sentenced to death all those, who arranged lynch. Connal and Ren head back to Appleshade.

In the meantime Xandos tried to rise puppies and teach them some human rules. He learned of pack structure and tried take leader's place. Without success. Not wanting to drown animals, he set off to find druid Hieronymus. One night, when camping in forest, wolves asked him to free them. After short argument and promising the won't hurt people, Xandos freed animals and watched them to disappear in the gloom and then turned around and head back home.

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