Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 08 - Cloister of the Healing Dove part 2 of 2

Session was held on Saturday, February 2nd.

Next part of adventure began with searching corpse of witch, her room and interrogation of her soon-to-be victim. On the bookshelves they found many books and scrolls, but on the desk was a strange scroll laid. It became obvious, that it was radiating an evil aura. After some tries, PC's were able to read some phrases, concerning Father from Outer Void and an end of the world. Heroes decided it's time to destroy it.

There was one problem, apart from a scroll. PC have not found an angel's feather. The decided to search rest of the dungeon and after falling into one trap, the came upon an grotto filled strong, bright radiance. It's walls were covered wit strange, green crystal fungi. In the middle of floor a column was, from which light came. connal braced himself and boldly moved forward, reaching to the centre of radiance. Illumination faded and they looked at angel's feather.

Acquiring prize, PC's retreated from Dungeon, only to find surface changed. Sun war shining brightly, birds singing cheerfully, as some bad charm was lifted. As it was evening, they decided to spend night at woods border and during night observed an other party, camping in forest. The light fire and laid to rest but early in the morning small fight erupted. Before dawn other party moved. After short discussion on the morning, PC's investigated camp, only to come to conclusion it was brigands and goblins there.

PC's went back to Lakhell to inform bartender they were not able to find his post and to tell him of happenings under ruined Cloister. After equipping Carlin's, they decided to investigate mountains and the mysterious other party. After coming back and folowing wrong tracks, party reached lower highlands. Xandos almost broke his leg, but in silence hey reached outskirts of goblin's camp. Not wanting to attack without being provoked, the observed shaman calling familiar (a huge bat from high skies). Unfortunately something went wrong. Not surprising with the goblins, their sacrifice ran away (small, and very charming goat), familiar attacked goblins and hell broke loose. PC's retreated, took care of goat and went back to Lakhell.

Finishing their business, PC went back to Appleshade. Their suspicions concerning scroll's evil influence were proved right, when the saw rejuvenation of people spirits and new energy, that filled men, who were drowned in apathy.

Road to Appleshade was uneventful and pleasant. After arriving the found home for Carlin and met with Czakri and Old Man from the Attic. Connal referred to him their adventure, gave angel's feather and blessed him.

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historymech said...

But you don't really care
For magic, do you?
It goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
With muffled words
you speak "And I kill you, yeah!"

- simple mnemonic rhyme
used to teach a power word kill spell.