Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session 11 - Long way home part 1 of 1

Last session was held on March 14th. As almost usual Terentz was absent, due to social obligations. We met at Jarecki's place and talked for a while, than turned attention to game. Unfortunately there was way too much off-topic jokes but I'm getting use to it. I plan to arrange next session at Adrians's flat, where we would sit around the table and check if it improves session's quality and reduces blather.

PC's helped to put out the flames and Connal treated villager's wounds. In the meantime one of fishermen found dragon boat's head that was radiating with red light. Magical research turned out that spirits of fallen Nordmen returned inside it and awaited to be burried. PC's took it and set pout to cove, where Patrick's wife disappeared. By the way they dig shallow grave, blessed it to Kelemvor's favour and hid there dragon's head. Next day PC's decided to explore the cave while their guide was ordered to stay back and wait. After short climbing, they found an entrance to the cave. It was narrow and short but soon the came upon junction. One way led downstairs, other one up. Heroes choose way up and entered an chamber. There they found lamp and blankets, certainly it was place for women's rituals. What interesting, search with help of detect magic spell turned out that on the wall was a magical ribbon, inscribed with runes of magic. They resembled marking's on Oak's Shaft blade, so Ren stuck it. Something strange happened, as Ren suddenly found himself on the other side of the wall. He could not be heard and wasn't able to hear comrades and, moreover, he could not go back. Carlin quickly placed his wizard's mark on the wall and along with Connal and Xandos they together crossed the portal.

Heroes found themselves in a dark cave. After short discussion, the chose to explore the area. Cave had no junctions, so the quickly found way out. The higher the went, the colder it became. After climbing to opening chamber heroes saw high mountains, deep valleys and woods of nordic trees. After short discussion the descended back to one more try to find way back to Averwest. Unfortunately they were not able to do so. In the meantime, a terrible blizzard came, cutting all the way out. Biggest problem was bitter cold but with help of magic and ordinary stones the were able to keep it out. Ren's sharp ear digged out grunts and roars from cave up. He quickly sneaked there and saw three yeti's, sheltering before storm. Unfortunately the sniffed him and descended after his trail and fight erupted. It was short and brutal but in the aftermath PC's had three big furs to protect from cold.

Next day PC's emerged from cave and quickly checked surroundings. the leardned that no village or town was visible and the were transported to the northern side of World's Spine Mouintains. After long climbing down, they moved through the land of ancient forests, thousand streams and lakes. Near the end of the day they found a tail of grim sacrifice. Beside small, very dark lake were a hanged man with chewed off legs. What was more curious, he had an southern complexion. After short but heated discussion, Connal buried him and party moved on. On the night watch dwarf had an unpleasant sensation, they are followed. Next day the continued their travel and by the evening arrived at ruined village. It was obvious it was burned many years ago. On the first watch a strange and poisonous green mist arose but through the fog heroes saw a strange figure. At first it was shy but gained convince and attacked. Fight wit it was very tough and Ren was cut down. He owes his life to Connal's channelling power. Finally heroes defeated snowmonster (it was something like half-breed of human and yeti). Exhausted and tired heroes wet to sleep. Next day the saw a thick smoke rising from neighbouring fiord...

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historymech said...

Carlin's Etheral Frog
School differs (see description) ; Level sorcerer/wizard differs (see description)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (frog's tongue)
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect one spell turned to frog
Duration 1d6 rounds + 1 round per level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
You can cast this spell defensively (you have to won initiative) on another spell that have been cast against you or any other creature within the Carlin's Etheral Frog range. Targeted spell immediately turns into Etheral Frog that will float with original victim of this spell for 1k6 rounds. After that, the Frog turn's back into spell and affects the victim. This means a Carlin's Etheral Frog is a way to delay dangerous spells for a while (but not to dispell them).

You can use Carlin's Etheral Frog only against the spells of the same school (but Carlin's Etheral Frog can be remembered as a spell of any choosen school, so you can prepare evocation version of Carlin's Etheral Frog or illusion version as well).
Carlin's Etheral Frog can turn into Frog a spell that is no more than 1 level higher than the level of Carlin's Etheral Frog (but Carlin's Etheral Frog can be remembered as a spell of any level, assuming that you are allowed to cast spells of this level).
To successfuly use Carlin's Etheral Frog you have to make a spellcraft check with DC 15+spell level (exactly the same as in dispelling procedure).