Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 10 - Lost in the Bogs part 2 of 2

Session was held at February 28th and in my design was devoted to polishing rules of combat. As it became obvious that there are no ordinary undead warriors in Monster Manual, only zombies, skeletons etc, I designed monsters according to Pathfinder's guidelines.

After discussion with half-elven wizard, heroes decided to arm themselves properly. First, the set out to find a local druid, to seek his permission for taking jarl's spear. They found circle of stones and soon meet priest. Old man was quite mad but in exchange for fish gave his permission to take weapon from shrine. During conversation the learned, he knew Hieronymus, remembering him as a young, ambitious and goat matingbastard. Connal and Carlin moved to little temple. After some troubles with door the found it's interior packed with all matter of offerings and stuff. The most curious thing was a full sized Minotaur sitting on throne. Carlin came to conclusion it's magical, divine golem. In the meantime Xandos and Ren found queen Cedrika's tomb under burial mound. Not wanting to disturb her peace, they set out for Connal.

Heroes found queen in her last bedroom chamber, lying under furs and resting on pillows. Quick search revealed her battle charriot, stack of weapons, flags and trophies of her conquests. When PC's exited from the armoury, the saw ghost of beautiful, naked warrior-queen, painted with blue circles, shouting insults at them and than returning to the fray.

Armed with spear and claymore sword, PC's headed back on the swamps. It was well after sunset but they correctly guessed, that jarl Haken will rise around midnight. Indeed, undead arose and moved out to stalk village, but was stopped by Connal. Seeing spear, which he called "Oak's Shaft" in hands of Ren asked for returning it, as it was his pass to Valhalla. PC's agreed and presented him a Cedrica's sword, which in brutal way ended his life. Called by Connal, her ghost appeared and fight erupted. An epic combat lasted for a whole night and part of PC's spirit took part in it. In the end, Cedrica was killed by Haken. Spear, disappeared.

Following morning, PC's returned sword to the queen's tomb and decided to stay for the night. Connal took watch but soon went to sleep. Well after midnight he was awaken by shouts and fire. Two houses were burning and in the bay an nordmen drakkar was seen. Erupted an brutal fight with raiders. Many undead nordmen raiders were cut down and in the end heroes faced Haken. Ren disarmed him and catched Oak's Shaft and finally heroes defeated treacherous undead. Session ended when after his destruction, all undead crumbled to dust and drakkar burned with high flames.

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