Sunday, 24 May 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hello and welcome everybody!
Today is the day, this blog and campaign have an 1st anniversary. Yes It was exactly year ago, when we met and discussed PC's, campaign and whole design.

Looking back I see many good things.

First of all, I realised that RPG is my favourite pastime. I did not know how I missed it, until I began running game. I say it a lot of times, but I'm happy to be Dungeon Master again.

Second thing: discovering Pathfinder. When we started, I was sure third edition of Dungeons&Dragons will be fine. It wasn't, as it turned out. After few sessions guys began complain mechanics, searching additional handbooks and propose some home-made mechanic tweakings. I don't like it. I always thought RPG is about story, epics and playing someone different, and game mechanic has to e it's driver, gears: giving power yet not conflicting with other reality. Fortunately, we avoided pitfalls of "another feat/class/power from obscure handbook", switched to Pathfinder RPG and are glad. Now game's mechanics runs as it should be.

Third thing: I see my friend more often, have many ideas and can't wait for another session. That's great feeling, it gives me a lot of strength.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I talked about latter, now it's time for first one. We had fifteen sessions (yes, I owe you last report, it should be on-line next week)/ It's very little, I expected to play every two weeks and it turns out we play once a month. Summer is poor time for playing as everyone goes on vacation in different dates, so I think we will play more often since September.

Second thing is absence. Most session was held with not complete squad. Thats the reason, why PCs are on different experience levels. I hope, we will be able to play as whole and complete group more often.

So, happy birthday blog and campaign, I whish you great next year!

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