Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session 15 - The Floodland part 1 of 1

Session was held on May 16th, with Teretnz, Jarecki and Sławek present.

Early morning, after prayers and spell-lectures but before breakfast, party was attacked by four angered Water Mephits. Fight was short and relatively one sided, as heroes survived breath weapon attacks and gained quick advantage. Gathering their belongings, they prepared to further travel. Connal invoked Moradin's power and ran through air, scouting nearest area. It turned out that Mephits concentrated their efforts on bringing down the tower. With nearest villages secure, PC decided to investigate case. Connal transported friend outside the water-storm and talked with still working Earth Mephit. He said that his cousins were angry, because of treasures he and his kind accumulated due to agreement with wizard. Heroes decided to travel to stream's source and check, if something could be done with angered Water Mephits.

Travel was very calm and uneventful, if not two days delay due to bad navigation. The further upward heroes went, the most bizarre were rock formations. River's bed was almost as chocked by stones, earth and rocks. At the end of the journey heroes discovered an entrance to underground cave. Connal's experience told them, it was much more wide and deep, but with time it was "overgrown" with rock. With Carlin's spells they discovered rocks were magical. Connal descended and at the bottom of cave found strange water pool, boiling and storming, almost blocked by stones. As heroes suspected, it was gate to Elemental Plane of Water. When Connal returned, heroes agreed that Water Mephits were angered by increased influence of their Earth cousins and something has to be done to restore balance.

Two days later party returned to now abandoned tower and struck pact with Earth Mephits. They were to create underground tunnel, freeing accumulated water from magical source and for that, the could return to their home Plane. That night new waterfall erupted, later called by locals Wonderock Waterfall. Heroes called it Connal's Eruption.

Restoring balance and securing fate of many nearby villages, heroes went to hunt some orcs. After two days trip through very ancient wood, the came upon a trail of that foul creatures. Soon, the approached their camp and discovered orcs sleeping around fire, two tents nearby and almost fully excavated skeleton of giant. Heroes chose option of surprise attack and Carlin cast fireball at orcs, annihilating them in fiery blast. Remaining sentry tried to flee but was struck by Xandos' arrow. In the meantime from one of tents three figures emerged. Carlin webbed them but one of humans whistled and from second tent a troll charged. Another fireball erupted, this time concentrated on heroes and Carlin answered with second on of his, slaying two of the webbed opponents. Troll was tough opponent but was felled by Xandos and Connal and remaining wizard immediately surrendered. He confessed that he was hired by Zhentarims to assist archaeological expedition, whose goal was to excavate crowns of giant King Grumble's lieutenants. The belonged to different giant's breeds and wore Crown of commands allowing them rule their own kin. Kyril Stormwater, it was wizard's name, offered year of his faithful service in exchange for sparing life. Xandos accepted his offer and after seizing treasures, party travelled back to Kuldahar.

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Curse of Grumble Strikes Again!
Last week Zhentarims rescue party that was sent to find and help archaeological expedition of Mahn te Uffel, returned from The Spine of The World. As the chief of the rescue party reported, after arriving at the place of archaeological excavations in the vicinity of Kuldahar, they found only destroyed camp with burned, torn apart and twisted bodies and remnants of giant spider web. Looks like Mahn the Uffel and the other members of expedition were just another victims of the of the terrible Curse of Grumble known from old dwarwen legends. Grumble the Strong was the Great king of Giants about who from the tom of his mountain ruled these lands, and giants about two thousand years ago, and his tomb although full of treasure and powerful magic items was, as legends states, protected with some horrible divine spell of ancient giant’s deities. Every human, dwarf, gnome or other creature who tried to plunder or even start searching for the King’s Tomb soon met a mysterious and violent death, and all looted items disappeared in a mysterious way. One says it was some terrible and long ago forgotten spell, others that a monster from sealed as a guardian of the tomb by ancient priest of giant kin. No matter what it was, spell or beast, it appeared that that even the protection of trained troll and experienced wizard Kyril Stormwater did not helped the poor Mahn the Uffel and his followers.
Geor of Germ Arts Inn
Forgotten Archaeology
The Coast Bulletin for Enthusiasts of the Ancient Times