Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Chapter Two: The North - Session - 16 - Odds and Ends

This session was promising but proved to be opposite. Despite his statements Adrian was absent (third game in a row), I was disappointed and angry, because my prepared adventure was based on his character. We had difficulties with starting sessions, talking, watching game trailers etc., but finally managed to roll on.

After party returned to Kuldahar, they found Ren still absent. Heroes decided it is time to sum up previous encounters and tie loose ends. First of all they ensured that Kuldahar and local hamlets were safe. then they returned to case of scroll. Patrick revealed that it was written with inhuman mind and hand, pointing to an abomination or aberration source. Moreover some part of it, previously unseen, was written with human hand, and radiated potent magic, despite being created without necessary components and ingredients. Writing style and patter suggested, than it was Carlin's making. After a little struggle, heroes learned how to destroy scroll: it has tu be burned and drowned in pure elements. Connal quickly reasoned, that the have necessary means right under the Kuldahar. With Arianhot permission and help of little pixie hero (to destroy scroll a members of older races were needed) the descended down and burned scroll in flames of Plane of fire and drowned remains in Plane of Water.

Next PC's set out to discover schemes behind "great nordmen's sacrifice". The decided to start the ship's engines and fly to elves' dwellings. Carlin and Kyril studied the manual with Connal's help, and after two weeks were ready to fly. Heroes said last goodbyes to Patrick, Astrid and Olaf, gave them their share of money and prepared ship to journey. Last, the located and moved Ren, who was still in trance. It was strange thing, as he became a living forest, which quickly entangled a ship, making it a true hanging garden.

And one day a ship ascended and flew into skies. Soon Carlin became quite proficient helmsman and the were quickly and safely travelling along mountains. Monotony of journey was broken one day, as ship sailed higher and higher, pierced clouds and soon came to a mysterious, flying island. Despite PC's fears, ship landed on waters of great lake, which shores were lined with crocodiles. In the distance heroes spotted savannah, giant trees and gliding, jewelled roofs of city of unknown origin.

Behind the Curtain
Carlin reached 6th level of experience.

It was quite surprising session for me due to Adrian's absence. Next adventure was based around his experiences and personal quests. Also, I was surprised wit way, heroes dealt with vile scroll, I presumed two more adventures in North, possibly leading to classic "Against the Giants". When I started campaign, I said to myself not to force players and let them go, adjusting to their decisions. It was so in case of leaving Kuldahar.

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historymech said...

A bony ship it was
Flying like a goose
Hooray! Hooray!

Her board was green
Thanks to Ren
Hooray! Hooray!

With winds made 'er way
Sailing throug the sky
Hooray! Hooray!

And even when is still
Was pulled by the mill
Horay! Horay!

And when see a cloud so green
Fly as fast away you can
Hooray! Hooray!

Cause it's captain's Ren
Gliding buccaneer
Hooray! Hooray!

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