Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 18 - Somewhere in the Jungle

Session was held on July, 4th in my place. It was a nice meeting but I was made sure about two things: table is necessary to create mood and atmosphere. Sitting around one, players are less distracted and concentrate on game. Second thing: abundance of books is wrong, as players flip through them, instead of playing.

Party made a camp between two walls: of jungle and rock cliff. Carlin cast a spell that should create a sphere of protection, but instead of it he created nice village cottage, who was perfect accommodation for heroes. He learned that it was his modification of spell, much to his surprise. Next morning PC's set of to city but their way was blocked by thick wall of trees. They were scarred and hostile to Ren, who in their eyes was an abomination. Forcing their way, through bush heroes pressed on. At first the found carcass, covered with glossy, fat and black flies, which attacked Xandos. It turned out that body was belonging to a human child, who was eaten alive, it's bones broken and drained of marrow. Next Xandos, who was checking their bearing, was attacked by poisonous snake. Fortunately, with Moradin's favour, he was saved from poison. While the marched onward, their bad luck was on, as suddenly from the trees large rock flew, hitting Connal and almost crushing his bones.

Next day party stumbled upon a mysterious circle of trees standing upon marshy shallow. In the middle of it the saw primitive, ruined building inside which some magic was detectable. All except Ren descended there and began searching. In the meantime Ren learned, that trees are treants who were ordered to kill any living creature which tries came out. He informed his friends and they began frantically thinking, how to avoid war with tree-guardians. Ren tried convince them to let their friends go, but treants were under orders from ever-present, ever-living queen of forest. He was not to met or speak to her, also. Next day Connal invoked a spell of walking through winds and skies and transported friends out of dangerous, salt area.

After deliberating, how to speed up their journey, party moved on and soon came upon overgrown remains of abandoned city. The moment they entered city, they were attacked by grey apes, who fought with rage. Due bad tactics and wizard's overconfidence Connal was struck down and barely saved. Apes were defeated and we ended session.

Behind the Curtain

Connal reached 8th level of experienc.
I made some mistakes during gre apes mistake. My bad.
Table is very necessary, as it mobilizes players and focuses their attention.


historymech said...

He do not like jobs like this. Killing is often much more easier. But Zhentarims paid well and stated clearly “we may need him alive”, so Myriack could do some research as well instead of usual cuttingthroat work. It takes him three days and every single hour he gets more puzzled.

First the wizard didn’t run very far from Zhentil Keep. Just to Harrowdale. Second he did not take any effort to hide. Third he did everything to be quite popular, being seen in almost every tavern or dancing house in the city. Fourth (when drunken) he made no secret of unexpected legacy that afforded him such expensive way of living. Fifth, according to local moneylender, the legacy was true thing, and fruitful enough to satisfy a greedy dragon, an old one. And finally, a wizardmark left on a tree when pissing in some drunken cross-tavern ramble proved his identity with no doubts. So the bearded pig was the one he was ordered to chase but pitiful to say the most carefree wizard, Myriack have ever seen.

So he sit on the stool stroking his fingertips with sharp dagger blade and starring at pickled, dowdy sleeping wizard with beard so matted that could be a nest for his raven familiar. “If you are here Kyril Whitewater, who the hell Zenths send as a magic guard with their giant-crown expedition to World Spine?”

historymech said...

Sail me to the Moonsea, and let me see the Sea of Fallen Stars. Show me how the prices are in Implitur and Thay...

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