Friday, 11 March 2011

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 41 - The Green Shadow part 2 of 3

It's been a month since last session, yet I found impossible to write even shortest report, not mentioning full length recap. I it quite ironic, as those February meeting was the best we had in a year or so. Finally freed of rules' shackles I was able to concentrate on story and climate building. Adventure turned out to be fun, interesting mix of combat, thinking, problem solving and most of all, roleplaying.

While I've been a little afraid of playing on convention, it was nice experience and great fun. Sadly, Paweł decided finally to quit our group. It;s a great loss, as he is nice fellow, good player and quickly became very important member of our party.

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian

Heroes returned to brother's tree and stated the have helped Isandrea sent her wishes to sky and create a new star. They asked seelie one what is her next fault and should the do. He explained that Isandrea fell in love with a human. There were a great deal of issues between the Fae and humans, as those first lived in forest, and later cut trees down to settle and farm the land. In tragic past, Isandrea had to choose which side she is with: her kin, or her lover's close ones.

Heroes moved on and once again entered a deep forest. Will o' wisps circled through night shade, animals beaked and trees were singing summer song. After a day of travel, party emerged from wood to find crude hamlet. It's human inhabitants were suspicious at first but later greeted heroes wit arms wide open. When Connal cured sicc, Jarod began to scout village and Ren met with villagers. They were simple and humble folk. Their life depended on river, as well as all other human settlements. Problem was that the were afraid to go deeper into woods as for some strange circumstances Fae never came closer to running water. With growing number of people it was inevitable that some forest cutting will take place and war with the Fae will erupt.

At first heroes tried to convince people to live in harmony with forest creatures, but their words fell on deaf eras. It seemed those humans involuntarily crossed border between Prime Material Plane and Green Shadow and for few generations they lived uncertain and afraid of their surrounding., Now, with their numbers growing, the were gaining confidence to carve themselves some land.

Soon it became apparent, that a young ranger named Kivander. He was secretly dating with young noble Fae Isandrea and wondered, how to carry on with his life and love.Red discovered his secret and asked for meeting. Isandrea dimly remembered heroes. The soon decided that it is necessary to guide human colonizations in a very special way: on one hand it must be allowed to grow settlements, on the other hand Fae lands were not to be disturbed. While humans lived along the river, it was decide that bes course will be to create a one bed.  Connal and Jarod moved to small lake discovered nearby to ensure it's spirit agrees. After a long and funny negotiations with not so bright, womanizing Aquarius, the got his agreement and traded ring +2 for ring of three wishes. That Fae wasn't particularly bright.

Meanwhile Ren began to prepare villagers to splitting river. When he talked with host of them suddenly realized that someone or something is mimicking his voice to deliver much more cruel and war-monging message.With Kivander's help he spotted a young woman hiding in crowd, who was manipulating his voice with spells. He rushed to her, grabbed and than an illusion fell down, revealing a hag, hiding among humans. It was no night hag this time, but green one. After a quick fight monster was beaten and dead and as her pans to turn humans and Fae upon each other.

When river was split and humans future peacefully assured, Isandrea and Kivander asked Connal to perform their marriage ceremony. Some weeks after celebrations, heroes felt urge to come leave village and traveled to the Tree.

This time it was unseelie brother's turn. While mocking heroes, he explained a terrible loss waited for Isandrea. Her only remain of love, of long dead beloved husband, a daughter was to be presented in court. But on that fated night. Her name was Syntira and she was maid of extraordinary beauty. Heroes set off and soon found themselves in wicked, black forest. Rain was pouring and road ahead climbed high up to castle on the highest mountain. Soon a black kinght blocked the path, challenging one of heroes to combat. Connal accepted and fought with courage. His newfound shield  and hammer became very useful and he defeated opponent. When heroes resumed climb, they saw the Black Knight once again standing on duty.

After arrival, heroes presented gift and wishes to Queen Isandrea and her daughter. while attending party, Jarod caught glimpse of hagly shape, shadowing behind windows, while Connal encountered  hedged-haired gentleman who stated clear they are enemies this evening. When a midnight our struck, a great fire erupted. Panic swept through hall and guest fled, leaving only queen, her daughter and hedge-haired Fae. He declared war upon queen and summoned his ally: a dragon! Heroes rushed froward, while keeping an eye on shadowy hag and protecting Isandrea and Syntira. Beast was clearly young, but managed to bleed Jarod and inflict some damage to Ren but finally was slain. It;s master accepted his defeat but hag disappeared during fight.

Heroes returned to the Tree and used remaining wishes, preparing themselves to final part of adventure.

Behind the Screen
- Connal gained 14th level.
- Jarod or Ren also gained level.
- It was best adventure since a very long time. I enjoyed it as well as playing on convention.
- We are gonna to have another player to fill up a wizard's role.