Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 42 - The Green Shadow part 3 of 3

This report is a first of series much delayed posts, I hope write during this week. As we are going to play this week, I'd like to catch-up, before memory will fail me. This meeting took place on March 12th and was strange one. first of all we introduced Leon to party and have been waiting for Jarecki, whose duties kept from playing. All in all, session was brief and segmented.

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian
Steven - Leon

Last mission laid before party was a Winter Tale. Heroes returned to a castle, only to find it in ruins. There was chill in the air and coldness all around. Heave snow covered all country and only crows and wolves were left for company. Ren decided to scout ahead while Jarod looked for camping site. After much deliberation, the decided to go into marshlands, where they suspected winter's Queen dwelled. From what they heard, Isandrea, bitter over quarrel with Syntira and mourning his late husband, joined hag coven.

That night, under a full moon, the caught glimpse of wicked shape moving between trees. Soon Jarod found a huge cauldron and to their horror heard childish screams from inside it. When trio of hags gathered around it, it was composed of creatures they have encountered during their previous adventures, and when the lit fire under a bowl, reluctantly Jarod and Ren attacked.

Playing their speed and manoeuvrability, heroes were able to rescue cooked children and slay all wicked women. Just when the last of them was killed, Winter Queen appeared. In the same moment Jarecki returned in words and diplomacy, that are Connal's field of expertise, he calmed her anger and explained situation. when Queen agreed she led heroes to castle high in mountains and while she walked, spring has returned. Soon after also fay came out of hiding and castle was full of laughter again. Called by it, Syntira appeared to reunite with her mother. Heroes have succeeded, all wrongs were repaired.

With their quest completed, heroes returned to crossroads and found, that they also freed twins from their task. After an awkward farewell, party set out to tree-gate. There they one more time met with Isandrea, Kiander's ghost and Syntira. They thanked one more time and shown a way back to Netheril.

What heroes found out after returning, was a thick, ancient and verdant forest. There was almost no trace after Falcon's Hollow and Siriana was barely a small fishing village. Wandering around those wilds heroes came to realisation, that correcting events in Green Shadow had an impact on Prime Material world too.

While staying in Siriana, they were witness to sight incredible and fascinating. Sky darkened on midday and floating city swam across the blue sky. Soon winged riders descended to see, what has happened. Arcanist Al-Azif of Al-Azif domain wanted to inspect sudden reformation of land. Heroes were taken high above to city, where they were questioned and allowed to stay in a city. Their guide was also newcomer, a wizard Steven, whom they met.