Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 43 - One thousand and first night

This is second of reports that should be posted long ago, but I had no time or rather no will to write them. This is issue I'd like discuss in greater detail in a future here or on on my other blog.

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian
Steven - Leon

Heroes were set free to their own devices and left to live as they please. With Steven help they mad way around a city. It was full of shadowy squares, white, flat topped houses, minarets, secret gardens and bazaars full of wares and merchants. While city was bursting with activity and everywhere was common day magic seen, party was still keen to find and meet Iolaum. At first the wanted to meet with reigning arcanist Al-Asif, but it turned out that his palace was locked and guards turned everybody off. Moreover nobody cam out of it and nobody went inside for weeks.

Despite several attempts, heroes were not able to enter it. Walls were guarded by magical wards, palace watchmen, but something sinister was in the air. After much deliberation, there was a suggestion to seek other arcanist. Steven happened to know one, that lived outside of palace. He led his new friends to his compartments, hidden deep in the luxurious districts of city.

What they found, exceeded their expectations. Arcanist Jamal was lying on his bed, shaking and trembling. Around it was a protection circle drawn and ashes of scroll were scattered on bed. A careful search proved, that he cast a spell called Astral Projection and ventured outside. It was obvious that something went terribly wrong. Search proved to be fruitful, Jarod found a case that contained a second copy of spell. Heroes decided the do not want to venture into Astral Sea and called Jamal back. After feeding and taking care of him he revealed that he had tried enter a palace but failed. Something terrible and evil happened there. Wards were still strong and kept something inside, but it was matter of time, when the will have fail.

Heroes decided it is their turn to act. The made agreement with Jamal, that he will teleports them to Yolaum's enclave but first the wanted to inspect situation inside palace. They were to meet at dawn and leave Al-Asif despite their findings.

Getting into palace was no small task, but heroes succeeded  in it. Inside they found a living hell of people dying in most inhuman ways, working themselves to death, living in constant fear and terror. In main chamber, a former throne room, the found a large table and crude gate. Dome above it was shattered and moon shone on table. It was a Midnight Clock and upon it's flat cadran there were many strange, mysterious and blaspheme symbols inscribed. Soon somebody approached, so heroes hid. It was lean and tall an with little, pig-like eyes and thin beard. He was constantly murmuring under his breath of greatness he will achieve, glories he deserves and enemies that plague him. while he was about to perform some magical ritual on Midnight Clock, hereoes took action.

It was Ren who attacked first, stunning mysterious figure. Seconds later Jarod sneak-attacked him twice and Connal finished enemy, calling a column of holy fire. In that last moment it became obvious that petty magician was weak and almost devoid of magical craft. Carlin the Grey, because it was him, died on knees, slain in less than one round! But it was too soon to celebrate victory. Moon's ray was travelling around clock and something else came through the door. It was bloated and overgrown, mutated and malformed man, arcanist and lord Al-Asif. Flesh was his, bot no will or soul. His body was shell, a merely vessel for demon, who erupted from inside and furiously attacked heroes. It was Chain Devil, who had been summoned by arcanist and broke free. His intention was to come back to his hellish home and when the gate opened, he went there but Connal, keen on finishing him, anchored demon and drawn back to city. More fierce fight erupted and than something became apparent.

enclaves as flying cities are known are linked to their creators. Mythalls that give them magical energies to exists are directly linked to their creators. with Al-Azif horrible death, whole magic was gone. City has crumbled and fell down to earth. It was desperate fight, heroes had to defeat demon, before city smashes to the ground. Just before it crashed down, demon's mortal part was killed, Connal transformed his friends into ghosts and flying city smashed into ground, destroyed forever!