Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chapter Six: Netheril - Session 44 - All the petty lies of Carlin the Grey part 1 of 3

Connal Ragnirsson - Jarecki
Jarod - Jacek
Ren Howl - Adrian
Steven - Leon
Elaya - Dagmara

Fall of al-Azif was terrible disaster, that rocked and shocked not only earth itself but magical energies of the Weave as well. Mythallar exploded and in one instant many living beings cried out in fear and perished. Form of the wind saved heroes from death but their essence was dispersed and it took some time for them to recuperate. When they finally did it a servant girl guided heroes to door, behind which was a huge, vaulted chamber. And material world. There they were met by middle-age, ordinary man, whose aura of power was unmistakeable. He introduced himself as Iolaum and guided heroes to library and office.

Asking many questions and listening patiently, Iolaum learned of heroes' deeds and adventures. He was very inquisitive concerning fall of Al-Asif and interested in many topics, alas he was not able to hear anything about Netheril's future. Finally reaching Faerun's most learned sage, heroes were granted with an opportunity to ask questions, the answers for which they were seeking for. Iolaum had not granted straight and immediate answer. He admitted he needs time to find answers. In exchange he asked for little help in acquiring a relic long lost, he located. To guide heroes during this adventure, he introduced Elaya, an elven arcane archer, who was his aide.

When heroes agreed, the were teleported and found themselves in desert. All around there were cliffs and sand and in a skyline tall mountains were visible. Heroes moved on and soon a ruined city appeared. In rock walls that encircled it were cut temples and building, worming deep inside mountain. heroes began to poke around ruins, finding traces of struggle and desperate defence. At one pint they stumbled upon a ritual bath and sensed, that their mere presence was a blasphemy to that place.

Deciding there is nothing to gain here, party moved on and climbed up mountain. Atop of it was huge boulder, blocking way inside. After removing it, one by one heroes descended into cavern below. There they found six mummified corpses in strange tiaras, bearded and all male. Behind them was corridor: low, narrow and uneven. Here and there were even smaller corridors more like tubes, leading to very cramped cells. Everywhere there were almost no furniture or any items. Also there were no sign of religious symbols, arcane items or any other things like that. Finally heroes discovered a large chamber. Large in sense of that barren, narrow dungeon. It was room about twenty feet long and wide with simple altar and no other furniture. Heroes began search for hidden passages, items left or traps, even watering down the floor. When it froze to ice, it was sure sign, something bad was happening.

Suddenly all around there were full of apparitions and phantoms. Bearded, harsh and stern faces gleamed with hatred on trespassers and blasphemers. Everything that heroes had seen leaded to conclusion that some orthodox and strict sect had taken place here. Ghosts of those monks attacked in silence only grave chill of their presence speaking of their power. Moreover Connal's holy power seemed to be ineffective, fortunately ordinary weapons and Steven's spells still had effect.

After defeating congregation, Jarod searched chamber once more and found secret doors. Another narrow and low corridor led to chamber well below. there was prize, heroes and Iolaum sought: a tall, magical cylinder engulfed in calm blue light. Ren, Connal and Jarod inspected it, finding it covered with some strange marks, letters and hieroglyphs. they called Steven and Elaya and then all the hell broke loose. when wizard closed in, cylinder began to spin, emanating bright light. Steven retreated above but cylinder spun faster and faster. He contacted Iolaum via small crystal but he was not able to help. Heroes tried do something but had no idea what to and when they began withdraw, a blinding light exploded.

Next thing the saw was fire. It was everywhere around, burning and devouring everything on it's path. Heroes ran through long walkway. finally they got from hellish chamber to find themselves in broodingly familiar place. It was cave leading to gate, they used to travel to Netheril. Apparently magical auras thrown them back to their time. Deciding the want explore what happened, heroes ventured outside. to their surprise they have not found "Sky Mill"! Flying ship was gone and nowhere to be seen. What more curious and disturbing, seeds Ren had been planting had grown into thin, young trees. It was obvious that something bad happened. Heroes decided it was their duty to finish whole affair and after rest descended one more time and crossed portal again.