Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Preparation, part 2 of 2

Yesterday we met for a second time, to discuss characters, their home town and previous adventures, as well as connections. I must admit, I really enjoyed brainstorming and completely lost track of time. I was having great time, despite being tired and in bad mood due to "real and ordinary life" difficulties.

Unfortunately, Terentz was absent, so we managed to get only two thirds of their group story. He will quite surprised, finding he's adventuring along with his uncle. Adrian and Jarecki modified their characters, shifting skill points, characteristic scores and switching feats, and then managed to spin interesting and not-trivial story. But, let's keep things and order.

First of all, I'd like to introduce PCs. For now there are three of them:
Conal Ymirsson (played by Jarecki) is a dwarf priest of Moradin. Prodigy of Thunderblessing, he along with his twin brother Vanir and younger sister Alanda are children of town's blacksmith. Retired adventurer, skilled artisan and good fellow, he educated kids but when time came to let them out of family nest, watched it bleeding heart. Vanir left home first, pursuing wizard career under a guidance of mysterious amnish wizard in city of Crax-Saladan. What surprised Conal was that his sister began showing signs of following Vanir steps. Could it be possible, that one dwarf family produced three spellcasters and no warrior? Strange times, indeed.

Ren Howl (played by Adrian) was always troublesome young lad. From the very beginning, he was somehow connected to arcane teachings and energies, which seemed to flow in his veins. Hies father, whom history is shrouded in mystery, came to Appleshade long time ago and met a nice, but little odd, girl. When she became pregnant with Ren's sister, father bought some land, build hosue and became ordinary farmer. soon people took him as one of their own and forgave even that, his wife often disappeared in woods for a days "in search of rare herbs". But when Ren was born, gossips began to fly. "Who is real father?" inquired goodwives. Ren grown up and became troublesome youth, who was sent to monastery in mountains to find his star, destiny and discipline. Although he missed first two things, he acquired the tird. Now, he came back to visit his parents and friends.

For now, we know very little about Xandar Skullhammer (played by Terentz) but I hope it will soon changes.

Vanir, Alanda, Conal, Ren and Xandar always knew, the want become adventurers. They were like gang, always protecting each others backs (like in case of burned barn) or working together like rescuing cows, stolen by goblins in a dead of winter. When Vanir left to learn magic, rest of pack was sure, they have to move on the road. They didn't know, that opportunity was waiting just behind the corner.

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