Monday, 2 June 2008


Nobody can tell exactly, when it all began. Moreover no one was able to see the signs. Omens and portents were ignored, so everyone were ignorant of events, that were put in motion.

For our brave soon-to-be heroes, it all began with a hard work.
Summer of 1370DR was hot and sunny. Sporadic storms troubled the skies, but despite them fields were full of crops, cattle pregnant with young and giving milk. In gardens and orchards fruits were ready to ripe, in cellars wine was maturating and woods were full of game. People knew, they are blessed, so prayed and thanked gods, smiled upon each other and were enjoyed fine weather. Later it was well known, than many marriages were taken across all island. It was fine and prosperous time...

After a summer came autumn: full of golden leaves, apples and preparation for winter. Few months of it passed quickly and first snows fall upon town's roofs with a chilling cold. At first, people enjoyed it, making snowmen, skiing and playing with snow, but later got tired of it. Day by day, it was becoming colder and colder. Skies were filled with heavy, dark clouds and snow was falling without stop. By the midwinter, it was so thick, that dwarf could hide in it without much effort or crouching. First day of Year of the Tankard (1371DR) was dark and short.

People of the Appleshade are no stupid folk, so they knew that it was time to work. With spring, mass of molten snow will come downward, along the riverbed and soon water will flood their fields and houses. They began to construct barriers along the banks but it soon become known that it was not enough. As predicted, high water came and although it did not flood over fields, it washed away big portion of town's square, leaving a shallow and muddy pit in place of clobberstones.

After seeing damage done, and repairing as much as possible, some folk (Connal among them) were sent to local quarry to buy new clobberstones. Upon their return people whole town began to rebuild square. Few days before finishing it, Ren came back to village from a monastery and joined workers. Partly for fun, he designed and made a mandalla of purification.

With a town square finished, mayor, Yoram, announced celebrations and feast. By the evening new square was filled with tables and podium. People brought food and drinks, lighted lanterns upon nearby roofs and candles floating on boats, they ate and during, singed and danced. During feast, Ren, Connal and Andala were approached by local herbalist and healer, Agrein Farwood, who asked them, if they do a small favour for him. He told them, he would require them to travel few days upward the river, to deliver a small package to his friend. He was not able to do so, 'cause duties in town and, which he admitted, bit of laziness. The trio gladly accepted and made an appointment on next day.

Celebration ended with first light of dawn. People slept even up to midday, so Connal and Ren were late for meeting. Despite that, sitting over cookies and milk, they were presented with a heavy book and instructions to go to Ice Crystal Lake, to search herbalist's friend, a wizard of some renown. In exchange for a book, magician was to give them some rare herbs for town's healer.

So, acquiring provisions of food and water, Connal, Ren and Andala set out to their first adventure...

Next session is planed on June, 14th.

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